Summer Peaches: A Sweet Southern Favorite

We may not be the Peach State, but there are plenty of sweet and succulent peaches here in Tennessee. Juicy and ripe, summertime peaches are a Southern staple, and there are more than a few ways to incorporate them into your diet as breakfast, lunch, dinner, or dessert. From a cold sweet treat to a warm, filling dinner, pick your peaches and give these recipes a whirl. 

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Did you know?
Peaches and nectarines are so closely related that nectarines will occasionally grow on peach trees and vice versa. The difference lies mostly in the fuzz and a little in the flavor. Peaches are fuzzy while nectarines aren’t, and nectarines have a slight citrus flavor whereas peaches are sweet.

Where do peaches come from?
While you might find some homegrown peaches nearby, the top four peach-producing states are California, South Carolina, Georgia, and New Mexico.

How to pick your peaches
May through September is the best time for peaches in the U.S. with peak months being July and August. Look for peaches that yield to slight pressure, have no bruises or soft spots, and have a rich yellow background color. If the background color is green, especially near the stem, it’s not yet ripe.


iStock_000019098837_LargePeach Chicken Salad  

Serves 4

Surprise your taste buds with this low-cholesterol chicken salad with a peachy punch. 


3 medium fresh peaches, peeled and cubed

2 cups chicken breast, cooked and cubed

1 medium cucumber, chopped

3 tablespoons red onion, finely chopped

¼ cup white wine vinegar

1 tablespoon lemon juice

⅓ cup sugar

¼ cup fresh mint, minced

¼ teaspoon salt

⅛ teaspoon black pepper

In a bowl, mix together chicken, cucumber, peaches, and onion; place the mixture aside. In a blender, add white wine vinegar, sugar, lemon juice, mint, salt, and pepper. Cover the blender and mix until the dressing is smooth. Add the vinaigrette over the chicken mixture and toss to cover evenly. Cover the salad and refrigerate until cool.

Nutrition Facts (per serving):
Calories – 142
Total Fat – 1g
Saturated Fat – 0g
Sodium – 167mg
Carbohydrate – 28g
Dietary Fiber – 2g
Sugar – 22.9g
Protein – 8g

From Nutrition World 


iStock_000020131751_MediumPeach Crisp

Serves 8

This recipe will curb your family’s sweet tooth while providing healthy fruit and oats, too.


6 large peaches

⅓ cup butter

¾ cup rolled oats

½ cup flour

½ cup packed brown sugar

1 lemon

cinnamon powder for garnish

Preheat your oven to 325°F. Peel and slice peaches and place them in a pie pan. Juice lemon and drizzle all of the lemon juice over the peaches. Mix flour, oats, and brown sugar together. Rub the butter into the mix until the mixture crumbles. Place the crumbled mixture over the peaches until all the peaches are covered and garnish the top of the crumbles with cinnamon. Bake uncovered for about 30 minutes. Remove and cool for 20 minutes.

Nutrition Facts (per serving):
Calories – 243
Total Fat – 9g
Saturated Fat – 5g
Sodium – 58g
Carbohydrate – 40g
Dietary Fiber – 4g
Sugar – 20g
Protein – 4g

From Nutrition World


Apr10-Grilled-Peach-and-Chicken-KabobsSpicy Grilled Peach and Chicken Kabobs 

Serves 4

Peaches add a flavorful twist to this fun summer favorite. Serve with grilled corn and zucchini. 


2 ripe peaches, halved, pitted, and cut into 8 chunks each

1 large boneless skinless chicken breast (about ¾ pound), cut into 1 ½-inch chunks

1 small red onion, quartered and pulled apart into petals

2 tablespoons orange juice or white wine

2 teaspoons reduced-sodium tamari sauce

3 tablespoons no-sugar-added
apricot fruit spread

1½ teaspoon minced chipotle in adobo sauce

1 teaspoon chopped rosemary

1 large rosemary sprig to use as a basting brush

Prepare a grill for medium-high heat cooking. On 4 long metal skewers, alternate pieces of chicken, peach, and onion. In a small bowl, whisk together juice, tamari, fruit spread, chipotle, and chopped rosemary. Grill kabobs, turning frequently, until lightly browned, about 5 minutes. Begin dipping rosemary sprig in tamari mixture and brushing kabobs, turning kabobs frequently, until chicken is cooked through and kabobs are glazed, about 3 minutes more.

Nutrition Facts (per serving):
Calories – 160
Total Fat – 2g
Saturated Fat – 0.5g
Sodium – 45mg
Carbohydrate – 15g
Dietary Fiber – 15g
Sugar – 8g
Protein – 18g

From Whole Foods

iStock_000026279955_MediumPeach Freeze Shakes

Serves 4

This healthy shake provides lots of fruit and milk to kick start your day or give you an afternoon boost. 


2 cups frozen sliced peaches

1 banana

2 cups prepared fat-free vanilla pudding (4 oz. each)

1 cup low-fat peach yogurt (8 oz.)

½ cup skim milk

Peel and half the banana, and place it in your blender. Add peaches, pudding, yogurt, and milk. Blend for 30 seconds, then stop the blender to stir and scrape the sides. Blend for 30 additional seconds, or until you’ve reached your desired consistency.

Nutrition Facts (per serving):
Calories – 269
Total Fat – 1g
Saturated Fat – 3g
Sodium – 327mg
Carbohydrate – 48g
Dietary Fiber – 3g
Sugar – 19g
Protein – 10g

From Publix