Hair Care

Going Gray

How to Embrace Your Gray Hair Gracefully Whether your first gray hair sighting happens in your teen years or your late 30s, you’re bound to

Top 4 Hair Brushes

4 Top-Performing Hairbrushes

Best Brushes for Every Budget When was the last time you replaced your hairbrush? If it’s been a year (or five), then you might want

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A Guide to Growing Out Your Hair

A Long Way to Grow  Samson in the Bible got his strength from his hair. Rapunzel let down her long locks to snag her Prince

Monochromatic hair care utensils

Refine Your Routine

From wavy to straight, flat to frizzy, and curly to coiled, no two people’s hair is exactly alike – so why use a cookie-cutter hair

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Hair Loss 101

What to Know About Hair Loss Hair loss is something that all individuals experience, albeit some more than others. It is natural for our bodies

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At the Root of It All

By Christina Cannon   Serums, masks, and treatments are all the rage when it comes to skincare. However, less talked about is how to properly

healthy dry shampoo brands for clean hair in chattanooga

Let’s Discuss Dry Shampoo

Top 4 Healthy Dry Shampoos!   Dry shampoo is the queen of convenience. Whether you’re traveling, rushed for time, or experimenting with fewer washes, this

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Hair Care Basics

Chances are, you’ve picked up a bad habit or two when it comes to hair care. And if radiant tresses are hard to come by

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Aqua Locks

Caring for Hair When Swimming We know it, you know it – swimming in chlorinated pools is detrimental to those luscious locks you’ve been preening