How to Embrace Your Gray Hair Gracefully

Whether your first gray hair sighting happens in your teen years or your late 30s, you’re bound to experience it eventually. Both genetics and environmental factors will determine when and how quickly you go gray, but only you get to decide how you go gray – and you have options! Make the transition to gray gracefully with one of these four methods.

Option #1: Dyeing Your Hair

For those ready to make the leap, dyeing your hair to match your roots will instantly transform your mane to a glamorous gray. You can use an at-home box dye or see a professional colorist, but either way, be sure to choose a color that most closely matches your natural gray hair. And, keep in mind that this method will involve some maintenance – until your hair goes fully gray, you’ll need to dye your strands semi-regularly.

Option #2: Getting Highlights or Lowlights

A similar but not-so-committed option to the previous method is adding in highlights or lowlights, which create a more subtle contrast between your gray hair and your pigmented hair. Going this route allows you to keep your pre-gray color for just a little while longer, although it will require a few trips to the salon for touch-ups. For those with fully gray roots, you may consider asking your colorist for an ombré effect – a look that is fresh, modern, and flattering on anyone.

woman with long, flowy gray hair

Option #3: Cutting Your Hair

There’s no better way to celebrate your new hue than with a chic haircut! For those wanting to go permanently gray in one fell swoop, simply chop off all of the hair below your demarcation line (where the color stops and the gray begins). Your hairdresser can guide you in choosing the best short hairstyle – whether a classic pixie, an A-line bob, or something in between – for you based on your face shape and hair type.

Option #4: Letting Your Gray Grow Out

Of course, the easiest method for going gray is to do nothing at all. If you’re not ready for a big chop, simply allow your new natural color to come in at its own pace – just be prepared to be patient, because this process can take years. For those with a particularly pronounced line of demarcation, you can try playing around with different hairstyles that help disguise it. 

Going gray is a process, both physically and emotionally, and like most things in life, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach. Do your research, and at the end of the day, do what will make you happiest!

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