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Self Care

illustration of woman sitting on dialogue bubble

Stomping Out Negative Self Talk

Coaching Your Inner Voice Our inner voices follow us everywhere we go. The one voice we are guaranteed to hear our whole lives is our

illustration of woman walking in a airport with a suitcase and luggage

Out of Office

Setting Yourself Up to Enjoy Time Off From battling burnout to making memories with loved ones, taking time off is an important part of maintaining

illustration of a woman rejecting a man bringing her flowers

How to Rebound From Rejection

Rejection is a scary thing for many people. Whether you apply for a job, attend a new social event, or try to connect with another

Mother working from home with her son sitting on the desk

How to Stop Working So Much

All Work & No Play Americans are working more hours than ever. In fact, studies have shown that the United States is the most overworked

Christmas greenery and ornaments on a black background

Seasonal Self-Care Tips

Local Ladies Share Their Self-Care Strategies for the Holiday Season Between the Christmas shopping, travel planning, house decorating, and holiday meal preparation – not to

donna "elle" harrison of chattanooga shares her thoughts on the importance of alone time

The Importance of Alone Time

Taking Time for Yourself Life is busy. It’s no secret that taking a few minutes for yourself each day can feel like an impossible feat.

flawesome woman backlit with fist in air


The Beauty of Embracing Originality We’re all guilty of it. Everyone has at least one thing about themselves that they would like to change. It’s

teen girl with blue nails texting on smartphone iphone chattanooga


How to Combat Smartphone Addiction Dr. Ken Pittman of Agape Youth Behavioral Health shares his professional insight on both the warning signs of smartphone addiction

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Letting Success Shine

Why It’s So Hard When friends compliment a new haircut or recent promotion, women sometimes find it easier to deflect praise rather than accept the

busy business woman multitasking

Why You Can’t Say No

And How to Make it Happen As women, we often find ourselves saying yes as a snap reaction. “Yes, I’ll take on that project,” or

smiling woman

How to Feel Beautiful From Within

Easy Steps to Being Your Best Self We all know beauty is about more than what’s on the outside. It’s just as important to feel

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