Self Care

graphic illustration of brain with colorful icons within

The Benefits of Brain Training

Learn Ways to Keep Your Brain Sharper than Ever Did you know that in the last two decades, scientists have discovered that the brain can

illustration of woman growing a positive mindset

Nix the Negativity for Good!

Block Toxic Thought Patterns, and Open New Doors Into Life Negative thoughts can be pervasive. Recognizing them, and learning how to turn them off, ca

Angry woman

Resolving Anger

7 Steps to Help Resolve Anger Do you have difficulty controlling your temper? Do you express anger in unhealthy ways that could harm yourself and/or

woman with road rage

Road Rage

Harmful to Your Health and to Others According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, over six million crashes occur in the United States each

senior couple holding hands and looking at each other while walking down the beach

The Golden Years

10 Ways to be Happier & Healthier While Meeting Life’s Challenges For many, the phrase “the golden years” conjures up an image of a smiling

woman relaxing at home

How To Make Time for Yourself

Women are a staple in the modern work force. Young women in their teens and 20s have seen a woman run for president and watched

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