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graphic illustration of a woman coping with anxiety

Numbers to Know Winter 2023

Considering Permanent Contraception? Vasectomies are over 99.99% effective in preventing pregnancy. It’s estimated that 50 million men have undergone a vasectomy – approximately 5% of

graphic illustration of happy pregnant woman

Health in a Minute – Winter 2023

Q. I’m in my 50s, and I’ve recently started noticing a fluttering feeling in my chest. Is this something I should be worried about, and

graphic illustration of business meeting

5 Common Managerial Styles

Getting Down to Business Not to be confused with leadership styles, management styles are instrumental when it comes to setting and evaluating priorities, communicating with

baylor summer camp

Local Summer Camp Profiles 2024

Baylor Summer Camps Families have enjoyed Baylor Summer Camps for decades! Baylor’s 690-acre campus allows for a wide array of activities to match individual skills

illustration of woman with hair loss

Numbers to Know – Fall 2023

The Truth About Your Tresses – 50% An estimated 50% of women will suffer from significant hair loss, according to the Cleveland Clinic. In fact,

illustration of teen girl with burnout

Health in a Minute – Fall 2023

Q. My teenage daughter was recently diagnosed with autism. I’ve noticed that lately her workload has increased, and she doesn’t seem to have energy for

illustration of colorful dialogue bubbles, lips, and a quotation mark

Health in a Minute: Late Summer 2023

Q. My father is in his late 60s and has been experiencing aphasia after a stroke. He is currently participating in speech therapy, but… is

illustration of irritated wife listening to her husband's loud snoring

Numbers to Know: Late Summer 2023

Stop Snoring! If you spend most of the night listening to your partner snore, you’re not alone. Approximately 44% of men and 28% of women

Illustration of three children watching tv

Numbers to Know: Summer 2023

10-15 Minutes The amount of time you should spend in the sun daily to receive its health benefits, including a boosted mood and increased vitamin

woman wearing a gardening apron with a pocket holding a plant

Gadgets for the Gardening Lover

If you’re looking to level up your health and wellness, why not give gardening a try? Gardening is not only physically beneficial with all of

Illustration of woman sitting expressing her low energy

Health in a Minute: Summer 2023

Q. I recently switched to a different type of OTC allergy medication. It works better for my symptoms, but I’m not loving the drowsiness that

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