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Healthy Living

photo of contemporary drawer with two white vases with fake flowers within with a light blue-green background

Interior Design & Mental Health

Designed With Happiness in Mind How Home Interiors Can Boost Mental Health There is a strong correlation between home interiors and mental health. Clutter is

Health Statistics: Spring 2023

52% of children aged 6 to 8 who have had a cavity in their primary (baby) teeth, according to the CDC. You can prevent cavities

Baby crawling

Health in a Minute: Spring 2023

Q. I notice that my baby gets dehydrated when she’s sick, but I don’t always know if it’s serious enough to call for a trip

illustration of a doughnut

Numbers to Know – New Year 2023

A Sweet Suggestion How Much Added Sugar the Average American Consumes 17 tsp/day What the American Heart Association Recommends 6 tsp/day 10-20 minutes The average

Local Summer Camp Profiles 2023

Off to Camp! Baylor Summer Camps Families have enjoyed Baylor Summer Camps for decades! Baylor’s 690-acre campus and facilities allow for a wide array of

Project Access

For people in Southeast Tennessee who fall ill and have no health insurance and no place to turn to for treatment, Project Access can provide

Ask the Doctor: Winter 2022

Q. I’d like to have my teeth whitened, but I’m nervous because they’re already a bit sensitive to hot and cold. Is it safe for

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