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Gadgets for the Gardening Lover

If you’re looking to level up your health and wellness, why not give gardening a try? Gardening is not only physically beneficial with all of its planting, digging, and lifting, it has a whole host of mental benefits as well. Studies have shown that gardening can aid in anxiety and stress reduction, memory retention, and enhanced self-esteem, among other things.  Here, we’ve outlined a few gardening gadgets that will make you, or the gardening lover in your life, even more eager to get outside and soak up everything this activity has to offer. 

gardening gadgets
gardening gadgets
gardening gadgets

The Roo Gardening Apron

This canvas cotton apron is perfect for harvesting fruits and veggies. Simply secure the apron around your waist, and place produce in the pouch as you harvest it. When it’s time to release, unclip the ropes and let your bounty effortlessly fall out the bottom. This product also comes with three additional pockets and is water-resistant, machine washable, and offered in an array of colors.

The Amaranth Vase

For those who love freshly cut bouquets of flowers, the Amaranth vase is a must. The vase is made of two parts, and with just a twist, you can drain old water. Twisting a little further allows you to remove the top portion of the vase with the bouquet for easy stem trimming. Did we mention it’s also impact-resistant?

The Famoy Glove Claws

Who doesn’t love a good 2-in-1 tool? Famoy’s gardening glove claws offer just that. The pull-on, puncture-resistant gloves protect your hands, while the plastic angular tips mean you can leave your trowel behind. Perfect for digging up weeds, this product can also be used to rake leaves or dig holes for planting.

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