Metabolic Inflammation

woman measuring her waist line

Annual Women’s Health Section A malfunctioning metabolism can cause inflammation and hinder weight loss. Understanding Metabolic Inflammation Metabolic inflammation, or metaflammation, occurs when excess fat tissue and insulin stimulate the immune and inflammatory systems and result in chronic, low-grade inflammation. This metabolic dysfunction increases insulin resistance, making weight loss difficult and putting the individual at […]

Bariatric Surgery

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What You Should Know Bariatric surgery – commonly referred to as weight loss surgery – can seem like a bit of a mystery to those who haven’t taken that step of talking to their doctor about it. However, it’s not only a very safe procedure, but also minimally invasive thanks to technological advancements. Read on […]

Obesity in Older Adults

illustration of elderly woman taking a virtual yoga class at home

Maintaining a Healthy Weight as You Age As you grow older, staying fit and healthy is more important than ever – yet the prevalence of obesity in older adults is on the rise. Obesity in the elderly can not only impact morbidity and mortality, but it can also have negative effects on your quality of […]

Preventing Childhood Obesity

little girl holding broccoli over her eyes

Encouraging Healthy Habits at a Young Age It’s no secret that obesity is a growing epidemic in the United States and our children are no exception. The most recent data shared by the State of obesity highlight some disturbing statistics. Childhood obesity percentages tripled from 5-7% in the 1970s to a whopping 17% in 2014. […]

Advancements in Weight Management

Advancements in weight management chattanooga

Reaching a Healthy BMI Along with diet and exercise adjustments, this progressive weight-loss tool is helping patients reach healthy BMIs. What is the Obalon Balloon System? The Obalon Balloon System is a non-surgical treatment option for individuals struggling with obesity. Over the course of three months, three lightweight balloons are placed in the patient’s stomach, […]

Better Health: Beyond the Bathroom Scale

bathroom scale and tape measure

The path to better health isn’t all in one number. If you often find yourself fixated on the scale, forget your daily weigh-in and opt for one of these tracking methods instead. Many Americans have a singular focus when it comes to their health: how much they weigh. Yet this number is far from a […]

Why Can’t I Lose Weight?

The Cycle of Extra Weight “If you want to lose weight, just follow this diet.” We’ve all heard this before. From regimens espoused by the latest reality TV show to headlines read in the checkout line, promises that your ‘ideal body’ is within reach abound. But what if you do everything right and you still […]

The Facts About Childhood Obesity

Childhood obesity has become a No. 1 health concern among parents. Get the facts on this growing epidemic here. In the past 30 years, childhood obesity has more than doubled in children and quadrupled in adolescents. Today, one out of every three U.S. children and adolescents is overweight or obese, making weight one of the […]

The Truth About Weight Loss

Need to drop a few pounds, but want to do it in a way that sets you up for success? Find out what doctors and health professionals have to say about it.   By Katherine Ladny Mitchell It Starts with Your Mind and Emotions Doctors say weight loss begins with a reasonable approach. Those who […]

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