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Making New Friends as an Adult

Creating Social Connections Whether you’re starting fresh in a new city or looking to expand your existing social circle, making friends as an adult can

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Maintaining Friendships During a Pandemic

Local Ladies Share Their Experiences The COVID-19 pandemic has presented many challenges to not only our physical and mental well-being, but also our relationships. With

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Overcoming Loneliness

Feel Less Alone with These 5 Strategies According to the Cigna U.S. Loneliness Index, three out of every five adults, or roughly 61%, reported that

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Reconnecting with Friends

“Make new friends, but keep the old. One is silver, the other gold.” You may or may not be familiar with this song – made

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The Gift of Girlfriends

Great girlfriends enrich our lives in countless ways. Besides the seemingly obvious uplifting influence they have on our lives, they provide true health benefits. According

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Staying in Touch

Relationships add so much to our emotional health, yet as we walk through the various phases of life, many of us are consumed in our

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In Good Times & In Bad

As we grow and mature, friendship becomes not only a more treasured relationship, but it also can require more effort to maintain. When lives become

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Making the Break

Toxic friendships can consume emotions and negatively impact life on all levels. Here’s how to identify, break from, and move on after them. Identifying Factors

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A Necessary Pre-Existing Condition Two recent movies, Sex and the City and the remake of the 1939 classic, The Women, celebrated friendship among women. Through marriage, childbirth, infidelities,

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