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The Gift of Girlfriends

Great girlfriends enrich our lives in countless ways. Besides the seemingly obvious uplifting influence they have on our lives, they provide true health benefits. According to the Mayo Clinic, spending time with friends can not only boost our mood but also our self-confidence. It can reduce stress levels and inspire more healthy life choices. Friends offer a different perspective and, sometimes, much-needed tough love that keeps us accountable. See how these local ladies value time with their girlfriends!

Melinda, center-right, with friends Stephanie Sinkfield, Karen Thompson, and Marsha Drake

Despite the many hats that my friends and I each wear, we still find time to celebrate our friendship weekly, either over a meal or with a trip to the day salon. We create much-needed balance in each other’s lives with intentional conversations and actions during our moments together, and we carry that love with us."

Lisi, right, with friend Misa Ankar

Some of my favorite pastimes are dancing or sharing a glass of wine or two with my girlfriends. My friends are always up for a last-minute dinner, unscripted day, or FaceTime if schedules won’t permit. I’m more grateful for my tribe with each passing season in life. These women refresh my soul."

Nichelle, center, with friends Anita Patel and Hemu Patel

Girlfriend time is an essential part of my life. We love to get dressed up and go out to dinner or a fundraising event like The Moth Ball. We are there to pick each other up during difficult times, as well as support and celebrate each other’s triumphs. I always enjoy celebrating them in my life by making memories together."

Julie, center, with friends Lisa Brown and Diane Patty

My life has been blessed with women who have supported me through the good and the bad times. I’ve experienced comfort, encouragement, and joy. After time spent with dear friends, I feel a sense of calm – stress tends to fade away. I leave feeling stronger and more confident. Life is a journey, and it is simply better together."

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