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How to Have a Fun & Effective First Date

Dating Details First dates can be nerve-wracking. Between choosing the perfect location and wondering if you and your date will click, you may not have

A Meaningful Marriage

For most couples, a long and happy marriage is no walk in the park. Both parties have to exemplify love, support, and gratitude to create

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Spellbinding Spring Dates

Spring Into Date Night With These Ideas From Local Ladies ‘Tis the season to pull out the picnic blanket, strap on your sandals, and head

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Surprising Your Spouse

Local Ladies Share How They Keep Their Marriage Fresh Marriage is a complex relationship that enriches many of our lives. However, coming up with creative

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Communication Is Key

Communication is a funny thing. You may think you are clearly communicating a message only to be misunderstood. Recently, my husband and I were out

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Small Gestures that Show You Care

Anita & Dr. Rob Headrick Riverview I believe in letting my friends and loved ones know how much I appreciate them. Although I don’t think

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Two Parts of a Whole

Independence is a celebrated trait in today’s society. We’re encouraged to be independent– to look after ourselves, make our own decisions, and take charge of

Danna Vaughn and her husband on balancing work and relationships in chattanooga

How Do They Do It?

Balancing full-time, professional careers with the romance and responsibilities of marriage can be challenging. These four locals share their favorite tips for prioritizing their relationship

Communicating in Relationships

It’s no secret that effective communication leads to a higher level of satisfaction and happiness in relationships. But just like any other skill, truly effective

Jealousy in Relationships

Dr. Carol Burns Stoney, LPC-MHSP, shared her take on jealousy in relationships. HS: A lot of relationships involve jealousy, from either one partner or both.