Tips From Ladies Who Have Celebrated Over 25 Years of Unity

A Meaningful Marriage

Marriage, just like anything else in life, has its ups and downs. But when the going gets tough, having a strong foundation with your partner will ensure that you can handle whatever may come your way. Here, three local women who have seen their silver anniversary come and go share their tips to a happy marriage, whether that be by focusing on faith and finances or commitment and communication.

gerlene suber

With over 46 years of marriage, I have learned a thing or two. First and foremost, place God at the center of your marriage. A strong foundation is critical to build upon. You also have to be willing to commit 100% to your marriage, and communication is vital. Being open with finances is important, and trusting one another is key. But trust isn’t enough. You also have to be willing to sacrifice for each other and make sure you are meeting one another’s needs. Whenever you get upset, you should always look for the good in the situation. Ensure that, at all times, your spouse knows that you love them, and be open to being wrong every once in a while. When I think of words that you would find in a strong marriage, the following come to mind: God, Family, Love, Prayer, Peace, Joy, Excitement, Communication, Happiness, Humility, and Support.”

reita ball

Some secrets are not meant to be secret, so I will share my tips for a long and healthy marriage. For me and my husband Steve, the most important thing was for us to put God first. After that came our relationship and each other followed by our children and other family members. It’s also extremely important for us to never forget about what it was that made us fall in love in the first place, and the ‘D’ word (divorce) has never been an option. Healthy relationships and healthy people don’t just happen. You have to make an investment, but if you do, it will pay off for a lifetime. You have to believe that your marriage matters and is important. I am honored to be married to my best friend for 42 years. I love our ‘this is us’ life that we have created, and we are better together!”

susan wilson

What was it that we did early on that stuck, that to this day has allowed us to not just still be married but happily married? In our first year of marriage, we read a book called His Needs, Her Needs that we still joke about to this day. We also took a basic financial class and quickly set a plan in motion to pay off what we owed and save for the future. Once a quarter, we have a nice dinner and stay in a hotel for what we call a ‘family planning retreat.’ We set goals and review topics like kids, school, finances, travel, major purchases, and insurance. Here, we make joint decisions with few distractions. Like in most marriages, the last 29 years have presented many wonderful moments but also times that were hard. We have learned to lean on family, faith, and mentors. It’s been a great almost 30 years with my sweet husband Scott, and I can’t wait for 30 more!”

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