How to Have a Fun & Effective First Date

illustration of a good first date conversation

Dating Details First dates can be nerve-wracking. Between choosing the perfect location and wondering if you and your date will click, you may not have thought of things to talk about that go beyond small talk, but it’s a good idea to brainstorm conversation topics that will help you really get to know your date. […]

Communicating Through Conflict in a Romantic Relationship

Illustration of a couple communicating through conflict.

Good communication in a romantic relationship is essential for expressing your needs and desires as well as solving problems large and small.  Here, we spoke to Karisa Kaye, a therapist at I Love Us Relationship & Intimacy Counseling, and Harrison Brown, a counselor at Roots Counseling Center, to learn more about communicating through conflict. Identify […]

A Meaningful Marriage

For most couples, a long and happy marriage is no walk in the park. Both parties have to exemplify love, support, and gratitude to create – and maintain – a strong and healthy relationship. Here, several local ladies share just a few of the ways true appreciation can be shown and the importance of letting […]

Spellbinding Spring Dates

Neha and Guru Shah

Spring Into Date Night With These Ideas From Local Ladies ‘Tis the season to pull out the picnic blanket, strap on your sandals, and head outside with your significant other. After a long winter, you’re likely itching to get out of the house and create new memories with the one you love most. The following […]

Surprising Your Spouse

local Chattanooga couples

Local Ladies Share How They Keep Their Marriage Fresh Marriage is a complex relationship that enriches many of our lives. However, coming up with creative ideas for ways to surprise your significant other can be a challenge during the constant hustle and bustle. Check out how these local ladies keep the flames of excitement flickering […]

Communication Is Key

couple standing back to back in bright colored clothes turning to look at each other in chattanooga overcoming communication barriers

Communication is a funny thing. You may think you are clearly communicating a message only to be misunderstood. Recently, my husband and I were out with friends. My friend and I were talking about hairstyles. I asked if her husband loved her long hair, and she said, “I think so, but you should ask him.” […]

Small Gestures that Show You Care

erica and william wright of ooltewah small gestures that show you care quote chattanooga couple

Anita & Dr. Rob Headrick Riverview I believe in letting my friends and loved ones know how much I appreciate them. Although I don’t think you can go wrong with a heartfelt handwritten note, I also think that simply telling people daily that you appreciate them warms their heart. It sure makes my day when […]

Two Parts of a Whole

two puzzle pieces fitting together

Independence is a celebrated trait in today’s society. We’re encouraged to be independent– to look after ourselves, make our own decisions, and take charge of our lives. Yet in marriage, dependence is necessary and sets the stage for a strong, healthy relationship. So where is the balance? What role should independence, specifically our emotional independence, […]

How Do They Do It?

Danna Vaughn and her husband on balancing work and relationships in chattanooga

Balancing full-time, professional careers with the romance and responsibilities of marriage can be challenging. These four locals share their favorite tips for prioritizing their relationship and offer insight into the arduous but worthwhile journey of love and success. “We are very intentional with our marriage. We plan regular date nights, attend marriage enrichment sessions, and […]