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Small Gestures that Show You Care

Anita & Dr. Rob Headrick


I believe in letting my friends and loved ones know how much I appreciate them. Although I don’t think you can go wrong with a heartfelt handwritten note, I also think that simply telling people daily that you appreciate them warms their heart. It sure makes my day when I hear that. I believe that if you live to be thankful, all those around you will forever be grateful for you, your love, and your friendship.”

Erica & William Wright


Although our lives are very busy with demanding careers, we always find ways to show each other that we care. When I work on the weekend, I can always count on coming home to a scrumptious meal made on the grill by my husband. He also never fails to make a batch of his special tea for me on those cold nights!”

Lindsey & Jonathan Frost

Signal Mountain

It’s so important to know that I have the support of my spouse everyday. I love to receive a text from him during the day asking how I am doing or how work is going. Similarly, I like to leave notes in his luggage when he travels for work. Taking something off his plate to relieve his stress, like picking up his laundry from the cleaners, is a small way that I can show him I care. It keeps me from becoming self-focused while reminding him that he is loved and cared for.”

Sush & Dr. Harsha Shantha

North Chattanooga

I cook with my heart and soul for my family; it makes me so happy to be able to make my people smile. If anyone says they want to eat Indian food, I will cook it and take it to them. That’s my way to show I care. My sweet husband of 16 years, Harsha, is my biggest fan. He shows his love daily in his own quiet way – not only in supporting me in everything I do, but in simple gestures, like waking me up every morning with a cup of coffee.”

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