8 Ways to Make Time for Exercise Within Your Busy Schedule

woman exercising indoors

We’re sure you can understand the importance of exercise, for both your physical and your mental health, but how many hours do you spend in physical activity each day? Experts suggest at least 30 minutes of exercise daily, according to this fitness article at Livestrong, so it’s not as if finding time should be an issue. […]

Top 5 Fitness Apps

Woman sitting on yoga mat and looking at her phone

The Fitness 5 We could all use a little motivation to work on our fitness game, and your phone can actually help with that. Fitness apps that feature step-by-step exercise routines, expert advice, activity logging, and more have been all the rage in recent years, making narrowing down your options the hardest part! Below, personal […]

Top 5 Workout Snacks

Avocado Toast

The Fitness 5 It’s no surprise that what you eat – both before and after a workout – can help you achieve your fitness goals. In fact, properly fueling your body translates to more energy, speedier muscle recovery, and better overall performance. Here, fitness and nutrition coach Alex Wright gives us the 411 on her favorite pre- […]

Top 5 Ways to Work Out

women in a zumba class

The Fitness 5 If your exercise routine could use a little variety, you’ve come to the right place. Here, former fitness instructor Comelia Franceschi shares five different ways she gets a workout in throughout the week. “I’m not married to one type of workout,” Comelia says. “Mixing it up not only prevents boredom, but it […]

Exercise Equipment

Speed bag workout gear fitness exercise

The Fitness 5 Stuck in a workout rut? Swapping out your tried-and-true fitness gear with some new exercise equipment can turn your whole routine around, helping you see the results you want! From bags to bands, Morgan Mason shares with us her five workout essentials that build and tone muscle. 1. Speed Bag “In recent […]

Incorporating Exercise

fitness flatlay

The Fitness 5 Life is busy, and you don’t always have a spare hour to devote to the gym. So, how do you break a sweat without disrupting your routine? From family walks to working in her garden, Kathryn Trimble shares her five favorite ways to move more throughout the day! 1. Dig In “I […]

Too Much of a Good Thing

woman stressed from over exercising

Even Exercise Can Have Its Limits The benefits of exercise are wide-ranging, extending to both your physical and mental health. Studies show that regular physical activity leads to improved mood and energy, better sleep, a healthier weight, and a lower risk of some diseases. Unfortunately, like many of life’s greatest joys – birthday cake included […]

Improving Posture

happy young woman with good posture standing straight with her arms in the air in chattanooga

10 Tips to Perfect Positioning Did you know that poor posture not only puts stress on muscles and joints, but can also exacerbate arthritis, inspire fatigue, bring down your mood, cause jaw pain, create breathing problems, and lead to headaches, shoulder, neck, and back pain? Over time, if poor posture leads to malalignment, health problems […]

Eating & Exercise

blue hand weights pink measuring tape and green granny smith apple eating and exercise in chattanooga

Learning How to Fuel Your Workouts the Right Way It’s a common analogy in the fitness world: Your body is like a car, and it needs fuel in its engine in order to run properly. In this case, food is fuel – but not just any food. Good nutrition is the key to helping your […]

Flexibility After 50

orange yoga mat being unrolled outside in chattanooga

Importance of Maintaining Mobility Keeping your muscles limber is the single most important thing you can do to enjoy your senior years. This year, make sure improving flexibility remains at the top of your to-do list. Why Flexibility Matters Flexibility is often overlooked as a key factor in aging well, though its importance touches all […]

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