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Stuck in a workout rut? Swapping out your tried-and-true fitness gear with some new exercise equipment can turn your whole routine around, helping you see the results you want! From bags to bands, Morgan Mason shares with us her five workout essentials that build and tone muscle.

1. Speed Bag

“In recent years, I’ve developed a love/hate relationship with a speed bag. It is a fun piece of equipment that requires focus, patience, and a bit of coordination. Once you get the hang of it, you’re hooked. I even have a speed bag hanging in my house downstairs – it’s a great tool to challenge yourself in a new way.”

speed bag

2. Yoga Mat

“I love the fact that a yoga mat can provide a portable location for your day’s yoga practice, whether a power or relaxing flow, an intense ab routine, or simple stretching following a good lift day. I always have my mat in my car in case the opportunity presents itself to use it.”

3. Cable Machine

“One of my favorite pieces of gym equipment is the cable machine. This machine is so versatile and allows you to hit multiple body parts throughout your workout. It provides controlled motion and helps you isolate one muscle group at a time.”

4. BOSU Ball

“Another favorite of mine is the BOSU ball. It can be used for pushups, squats, sit-ups, and more. This piece of equipment really helps you to work on your balance and engage stabilizing muscles while performing your workout routine.”

bosu ball

5. Resistance Bands

“Resistance bands are always fun to incorporate into your workout routine. They are easy to pack if you’re going on a trip and provide a variety of workout opportunities, from upper body to leg work. I like to do some burnout moves at the end of my workout with a resistance band.”

resistance bands
By day, Morgan is a full-time mommy to two beautiful boys, and by night, she’s supporting other mommies as a labor and delivery nurse. In her free time, there’s nothing Morgan loves more than being outside and exploring this beautiful city with her family.
morgan mason
Morgan Mason
Harrison, TN

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