Jacob Madole’s Resistance Routine

jacob madole

Workout with a Local The following exercises are a collection of body weight and resistance movements that we at Mad House Performance use on a daily basis to better assist our clients and athletes across all demographics. From a glute bridge hold that isometrically works the hamstrings, to a hand release push-up that provides a […]

Imara Jackson’s Upper Body Circuit Workout

imara jackson

Workout with a Local “I’m a big fan of exercises that help improve your core strength and stability while working another big muscle group. With this upper body circuit, you get a 2-for-1 deal! Put on your favorite music, grab some light to heavy dumbbells, and enjoy the workout! I recommend going through the circuit […]

Mike Kyser’s Mini Map Pilates Workout

mike kyser

Workout with a Local Pilates gave me back my life and body. I just want to help as many people as I can using the tools I have. Repeat these exercises 8-10 times or for as long as you can maintain good form. Really work with your breath!” Mike Kyser, Chattanooga Pilates Company Single Leg […]

Tobe Taylor’s Full-Body Circuit Workout

tobe taylor

Workout with a Local Circuit workouts like these allow the body to get the best of both worlds – strength training and cardio. These moves use both the upper and lower body and work several muscle groups simultaneously. Circuit training is great because it can be done in the comfort of your own home with […]

Kevin Harvey’s Lower Body Blast

kevin harvey

Workout with a Local What I love about leg workout circuits like this one is that they burn a lot of calories in a short amount of time and are great for those with limited time or equipment. This workout will hit every part of your legs. By using a timer, you can make the […]

Lisa Rands’ Cross Training Workout for Climbers

lisa rands

Workout with a Local Climbers do a lot of pulling and compressing with their bodies when they climb. Doing a small amount of additional maintenance work off the wall can make a noticeable difference in a climber’s joint health and longevity in the sport. This workout is geared towards helping climbers stay healthy and keeping […]

Brittany Styga’s Core & Restore Workout

Brittany Styga

Workout with a Local The following core exercises are some of my favorites because they can be done at the end of any workout, anywhere, and with no equipment. These moves focus on core stability and strength, which is important for everyday living, especially for busy mamas. These exercises can be done by anyone at […]

Molly Uhrich’s Hybrid Workout

Workout with a Local This workout provides a great balance of cardio and resistance work. For a full workout, complete each exercise for 40 seconds. Rest for 20 seconds before moving on to the next exercise and complete each exercise three times. Part of what makes this workout great is that it is easy to […]

Upper Body Workout with Jeana Oldham

Jeana Oldham

A Guided, At-Home Workout What I love about this workout is that each exercise is a multi-joint exercise and targets multiple body parts at once. For those who don’t have a lot of time to work out, exercises like this allow you to strengthen more muscle groups in less time! This exercise series is not […]

Margie Tuttle’s At-Home Restorative Workout

Workout With a Local Restorative workouts like this one are great because they can help you restore healthy movement patterns that are necessary for pain-free movement. For a full workout, complete each exercise for 45 seconds, resting 45 seconds in between each. Complete the entire circuit three times.” Margie Tuttle, Survivor Fitness/Sportsbarn Knee Plank With […]

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