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Molly Uhrich’s Hybrid Workout

Workout with a Local

This workout provides a great balance of cardio and resistance work. For a full workout, complete each exercise for 40 seconds. Rest for 20 seconds before moving on to the next exercise and complete each exercise three times. Part of what makes this workout great is that it is easy to modify by reducing the weight or losing it altogether.”

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Weighted Clean and Press

Starting in a squat position with a weight centered between your feet, grab the handle with an overhand grip.

Keeping your back flat, explode through the hips, bringing the weight to one shoulder in a power position.

Explode through the hips again, pressing the weight up and overhead.

Return to the starting position and repeat on the opposite side.

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Sledgehammer Chops

With your feet shoulder-width apart and your knees slightly bent, grip a sledgehammer with one hand roughly four inches from the head and the other four inches from the base.

With an explosive upward movement, lift the hammer, stopping the momentum when it’s directly overhead.

In another controlled movement, hinge at the hips while swinging the sledgehammer downward, making sure to stop the momentum right before hitting the ground.

Make sure to keep your core engaged the entire time.

Weighted Bar Overhead Lunge

Begin with your feet shoulder-width apart and your knees slightly bent while holding a weighted bar horizontally.

As you raise the bar above your head, take a step back into a lunge position.

Keep the weight directly overhead and centered between your shoulders.

Exhale as you return to the starting position and then repeat on the other side.

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