Survivor Story: Rhonda Gilliland

go red for women | rhonda gilliland

The American Heart Association is dedicated to building healthy lives, free of cardiovascular disease and stroke, through education, caregiver support, research, and development of healthcare professionals. Go Red for Women is a social initiative designed to empower women to take charge of their heart health by equipping them with the knowledge necessary to lead healthy […]

Inspired: Abigale Choi & Heather Raco

inspired by | abigale choi and heather raco

Abigale Choi inspired by Heather Raco Heather, There are not enough words to describe how incredibly thankful I am for you. Whether it be a crazy adventure to save an animal, one of my five million house projects I randomly decide to do that you end up having to fix, our 10+ FaceTime calls a […]

Inspired: Donyel Johnson & Mara-Lynne Payne

inspired | donyel johnson and mara lynne payne

Donyel Johnson inspired by Mara-Lynne Payne Mara-Lynne, I’d like to take a moment to give flowers to a friend and mentor who has been an incredible source of inspiration and strength in my life. Mara-Lynne, as one of my very first supervisors, you have played a pivotal role in shaping me into the woman I […]

Inspired: Sheaba Chacko & Tonya Cammon

inspired | sheaba chacko and tonya cammon

Sheaba Chacko inspired by Tonya Cammon Tonya, You come to mind when I read this quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson: “Successful is the person who has lived well, laughed often and loved much, who has gained the respect of children, who leaves the world better than they found it, who has never lacked appreciation for the earth’s beauty, who never […]

Her Story: Chrissy Percy

her story | chrissy percy

Chrissy Percy On How Her Family Overcame Childhood Cancer I always say that of all the things I’ll ever do in my lifetime, being a mother to my kids will always be my biggest accomplishment. As a little girl, I dreamed about my fairytale wedding and named my babydolls, thinking those would be my kids’ […]

Inspired: Ellen Boone & Dauna Higney

inspired | ellen boone and dauna higney

Ellen Boone inspired by Dauna Higney Dauna, In January of 2020, you became my mentor teacher, and I have been deeply inspired by you ever since. You immediately took me under your wing and helped guide me through the incredibly difficult season of student teaching in a pandemic. As you welcomed me into your classroom, […]

Meet Our Model: Shadrina Booker

shadrina booker

When she’s not dedicating her time to fostering community connections, Shadrina Booker can be found collaborating on creative content with her husband, cheering on her son at a soccer game, or readying for a run. Here, Booker shares how she became an avid runner and what continues to inspire this rewarding ritual. Read on to […]

Inspired: Mirabel Verdan & Sierra Liberty

mirabel verdan and sierra liberty

Mirabel Verdan inspired by Sierra Liberty Sierra, Words truly cannot even begin to describe the amazing person you are, but I’m going to try. You are a woman who wears many hats – a devoted daughter, a loyal friend, a supportive sister, a loving wife, a fierce follower of Christ, and an amazing CEO of […]

Inspired: Marquita Ector & Bebe McLain

marquita ector and bebe mclain

Marquita Ector inspired by Bebe McLain Bebe, Nine years ago, I reunited with a childhood friend – that friend was you! When my sister and I created our fashion blog, you were one of the first people to jump on board to help support, spread the word, and encourage us on our journey. Thank you […]

Inspired: Whitney Hood & Belinda Crisman

whitney hood and belinda crisman

Whitney Hood inspired by Belinda Crisman Belinda, You have known me my whole life and watched me grow into the person I am today! As my very own elementary school principal, you were kind, fair, and loving. Once elementary school was over, you always kept up with where I was and what I was doing, […]

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