Inspired: Cheri Hudgins & Sharon Kelly

cheri hudgins & sharon kelly

Cheri Hudgins inspired by Sharon Kelly Mom, As a child growing up, you always taught me to be better, do more, never settle, and be the best person I can be. Being a young mother to two girls, you exemplified strength and lured the essence of hope. We maneuvered through the housing system while you […]

Inspired: Lisa Moore & Wendy Lawhorn

lisa moore & wendy lawhorn

Lisa Moore inspired by Wendy Lawhorn Wendy, I often thank God for the amazing person and treasured gift you are to this world. I am so grateful for the genuine grace and love that you bring to my life and to so many others. You fill hearts, inspire minds, and warm souls in so many […]

Her Story: Lauren Guin

Guin Family

Lauren Guin on Shifting Perspectives My 20s were filled with amazing accomplishments and wonderful memories accompanied by complete heartbreak and an abundant amount of grief. I thought surely, after watching my favorite person on earth succumb to a four-year battle with cancer and then going through a divorce at 26 while living hours away from […]

Inspired: Leah Hutcherson & Beth Thomas

leah hutcherson & beth thomas

Leah Hutcherson inspired by Beth Thomas Beth, Since you came into my life over a decade ago, I’ve seen you handle difficulties with incredible grace and humor, selflessly serve those around you, and love on everyone in your life, whether through a home-cooked meal, opening your home, or a beautifully knit blanket. You tirelessly invest […]

Inspired: Megan Goodman & Sarah Love Hart

megan goodman & sarah love hart

Megan Goodman inspired by Sarah Love Hart Sarah, Almost 10 years ago I walked into your office at the BDC, and the first thing I saw was a print that said, “Celebrate every day like it’s your birthday.” It told me everything I needed to know about you. You’re the life of the party, an […]

Meet Our Model: Shewanee Howard-Baptiste

shewanee howard-baptiste

For Shewanee Howard-Baptiste, health and wellness have long been a part of her journey on earth. With degrees in exercise science and coaching, Howard-Baptiste is no stranger to the power of movement, but integrating that movement with other parts of one’s life is the true key. Today, Howard-Baptiste uses exercise as a primary way to […]

Inspired: Madyson Smith & Kim Shumpert

madyson smith and kim shumpert

Madyson Smith inspired by Kim Shumpert Kim, Meeting someone that offers honesty, shows loyalty and genuineness, and provides laughter along the way is a hard find. You entered my life during a moment of healing and reflection. Not only were you a reliable mentor but became an instant heart-to-heart connection. Both being outsiders, and you […]

Inspired: Melissa Sherfey-Newton & Randa Iteim

Melissa Sherfey-Newton and Randa Iteim

Melissa Sherfey-Newton inspired by Randa Iteim Randa, Inspiration can present itself in many forms, but you simply are the definition of “inspiration.” I am honored to call you a dear friend and thankful to have shared life with you these past few years. I want to share a glimpse into your incredible life with others […]

Meet Our Model: Stacy Johnson

Stacy Johnson

For Stacy Johnson, executive director at La Paz Chattanooga, health and wellness have been an evolution. A member of an active family, Johnson is using this new season of life to build on her physical fitness regimen and focus more on her emotional and mental health. Whether it’s cultivating a support network, delegating tasks at […]

Inspired: Marcherie Jamene Savage & Kilzma Brown

marcherie jamene savage and kilzma brown

Marcherie Jamene Savage inspired by Kilzma Brown Pastor K, I remember attending a youth bible study session where you asked us all, “Do you know your purpose?” The room was pretty quiet, so you followed with “Here are some indicators that can help point you in the right direction. What do you enjoy so much […]