Annual Oral Health Section This innovative system utilizes 3D printing technology to create custom brackets. Why Are Custom Brackets Important? Brackets are the component of braces that adhere to the tooth’s surface and connect each tooth to the archwire. The three-dimensional configurations of bracket bases and their slots allow the wires to guide the teeth […]

Root Canals

woman with painful teeth

Annual Oral Health Section A widely preferred alternative to tooth extraction, root canal treatment can relieve dental pain, protect against future infection, and preserve your natural smile. The Anatomy of a Tooth Teeth are made up of four different kinds of tissues – three hard, and one soft. The soft tissue, the pulp, is located […]

Custom Braces

custom braces

Annual Oral Health Section 3D scanning technology has optimized treatment with custom braces and Invisalign by achieving alignment up to twice as fast. What Are Custom Braces? Braces are a common orthodontic treatment that straightens teeth to improve their appearance and function. Traditional braces are installed with a one-size-fits-all approach, using standardized parts and placement. […]

Wisdom Teeth Removal

wisdom teeth illustration

Annual Oral Health Section This common surgery can prevent dental problems before they start. What Are Wisdom Teeth? An average set of adult teeth is comprised of 32 teeth. Wisdom teeth, also known as the third molars, are located at the very back of the mouth and are the last teeth to emerge. Wisdom teeth […]


woman holding a row of artificial teeth

This convenient dental fitting can remedy cosmetic concerns and create a confident, natural-looking smile.

Replacement Options for Missing Teeth

smiling older woman

Tooth loss is a common problem for aging adults. Thankfully, replacement options are available to restore a natural-looking smile. Understanding Tooth Loss Damage and decay can cause the loss or necessitate the removal of a tooth. The prevalence of permanent tooth loss increases with age – according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, […]

Sedation Dentistry

Woman having teeth checked

Sedation can be a helpful option for women experiencing dental anxiety. Understanding Dental Anxiety It’s common to associate a visit to the dentist with anxious feelings. For some, these nerves arise before a procedure, while others experience more severe dental anxiety that occurs even during routine checkups. If you get anxious just thinking about going […]

Pediatric Dentistry

Pediatric dentists can provide your child with specialized care to help their oral health start and stay strong. General Dentistry vs. Pediatric Dentistry Though general dentists can treat children, pediatric dentists are specially trained to do so. They understand how to work with developing teeth and kids’ demeanors. Pediatric dentists also have tools and equipment […]

Dental Anxiety

If just thinking about your biannual dentist appointment makes you nervous, you’re not alone, and there are options available to help. What Is Dental Anxiety? There are varying degrees of dental anxiety, ranging from minor stress to severe phobia. Common causes include a fear of pain, feelings of helplessness and embarrassment, or negative past experiences. […]

Gum Recession

Receding gums can elongate a tooth’s appearance and significantly harm its stability. Thankfully, a solution exists that can rebuild gums to be even stronger than before. What Is Gum Recession? Gum recession occurs when gum tissue wears away and pulls back, exposing more of the tooth. This process happens gradually, and it may take some […]

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