Custom Braces

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3D scanning technology has optimized treatment with custom braces and Invisalign by achieving alignment up to twice as fast.

What Are Custom Braces?

Braces are a common orthodontic treatment that straightens teeth to improve their appearance and function. Traditional braces are installed with a one-size-fits-all approach, using standardized parts and placement. The introduction of innovative digital technology to this process has allowed orthodontists to customize braces to each patient’s unique dental anatomy.

How It Works

3D scanning technology provides a clear picture of the mouth and bite by producing an accurate digital map of the full set of teeth. This information helps orthodontists select the best placement of braces for each patient. 

custom braces

Custom braces reduces the number of adjustments and office visits. By optimizing treatment from the start, custom braces speed up the process by up to 50%.

Custom Braces Placement

Your orthodontist will take a 3D scan of your mouth, which replaces the traditional, and often uncomfortable, method of dental impressions. Then, your digitally planned and fully customized braces will be installed using a 3D-printed tray. Before you know it, your braces will be ready for removal and you’ll be enjoying your new smile!

An Expert Weighs In

“I feel so fortunate to get the opportunity to help people achieve their best smiles and lifelong confidence. After receiving orthodontic care at a young age, it changed my life, and it’s a blessing to get to do the same for our patients in an environment of compassion, fun, and excellence!”

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