10 Common Myths About Thyroid Disease

truth about thyroid disease

The Truth About Thyroid Disease Addressing 10 Commons Myths Researchers estimate that roughly 20 million Americans are living with thyroid disease, but roughly 60% are unaware of their condition. This could be due to a general lack of awareness, but there is also a wealth of conflicting information available online – often from questionable sources. […]



Annual Oral Health Section This innovative system utilizes 3D printing technology to create custom brackets. Why Are Custom Brackets Important? Brackets are the component of braces that adhere to the tooth’s surface and connect each tooth to the archwire. The three-dimensional configurations of bracket bases and their slots allow the wires to guide the teeth […]

Root Canals

woman with painful teeth

Annual Oral Health Section A widely preferred alternative to tooth extraction, root canal treatment can relieve dental pain, protect against future infection, and preserve your natural smile. The Anatomy of a Tooth Teeth are made up of four different kinds of tissues – three hard, and one soft. The soft tissue, the pulp, is located […]

Custom Braces

custom braces

Annual Oral Health Section 3D scanning technology has optimized treatment with custom braces and Invisalign by achieving alignment up to twice as fast. What Are Custom Braces? Braces are a common orthodontic treatment that straightens teeth to improve their appearance and function. Traditional braces are installed with a one-size-fits-all approach, using standardized parts and placement. […]

Wisdom Teeth Removal

wisdom teeth illustration

Annual Oral Health Section This common surgery can prevent dental problems before they start. What Are Wisdom Teeth? An average set of adult teeth is comprised of 32 teeth. Wisdom teeth, also known as the third molars, are located at the very back of the mouth and are the last teeth to emerge. Wisdom teeth […]


woman holding a row of artificial teeth

This convenient dental fitting can remedy cosmetic concerns and create a confident, natural-looking smile.

Meet Our Doctors – Dr. Aduke Simpson


Erlanger Community Health Center Partnering with Patients Although new to the Erlanger Health System family, Dr. Aduke Simpson has been practicing obstetrics and gynecology since 2012. “I chose this specialty because of the variety,” says Dr. Simpson. Not only does she get to care for patients who are in various life stages, but she also […]

Meet Our Doctors – Dr. Jeremiah Arnold


Erlanger Community Health Center Championing Positivity Dr. Jeremiah Arnold has always been fascinated by the human body and how it works, so it’s no surprise that he eventually found his way to serve pediatric patients at Erlanger Community Health Center. After 11 years of schooling and preparation, Dr. Arnold has been practicing for a year […]

Meet Our Doctors – Dr. Julia Groce


Erlanger Primary Care Fostering Holistic Health For Dr. Julia Groce, achieving optimal health is all about making small changes that can lead to big outcomes. “I love meeting new people, learning about their lives, and helping them improve or maintain their health so that they can keep doing what they love,” Groce says. Inspired by […]

Meet Our Doctors – Dr. Syed Ashan Rizvi


Children’s Hospital at Erlanger Empowering Patients Practicing medicine for six years, Dr. Syed Ahsan Rizvi loves pediatric gastroenterology because he is able to help those who cannot advocate for themselves. “I love pediatrics because it is truly an honor and a privilege to work with children and their families,” he says. “It’s heartwarming to play […]