Beautifully You – Melody Richt

melody richt

Clear Beauty at Clear Derm Connecting with Clients In the field of aesthetics for over 20 years, Melody Richt knows the importance of truly connecting with her clients. “My philosophy has evolved into building meaningful relationships,” Richt says. “It’s more than skin deep; it’s about connections, friendships, and a mutual journey towards beautiful and healthy […]

Beautifully You – Dr. Eli Kim

dr. eli kim

Clear Derm Providing Holistic Care The cornerstone of Dr. Eli Kim’s practice is a combination of holistic care and a dedication to patient experience. “This philosophy is interwoven into every aspect of care,” he says, “ensuring patients not only receive exceptional dermatological treatment but also experience a journey they’ll want to rave about.” With each […]

Beautifully You – Janna Yother Curto

janna yother curto

Premier Medical Aesthetics Ensuring Positive Outcomes With a dedication to quality treatment plans and an emphasis on maximizing her clients’ comfort, Janna Yother Curto understands what it takes to reach her clients’ goals. “Comfort is key!” Curto says. “I always try to match my client’s energy whether they are looking for a quiet, relaxed appointment […]

Lateral Ankle Sprains

woman sitting on pavement with sprained ankle

Annual Bone & Joint Section Recovery from this common injury can be aided by conservative care. Understanding Ankle Sprains The ankle is a hinge joint surrounded by ligaments that provides stability and movement to the foot. A sprain occurs when these ligaments are forced beyond their normal range of motion, caused by a sudden twisting, […]

Beautifully You – Destiny Garcia, BSN

destiny garcia

Alchemy Medspa & Wellness Center Enhancing Natural Beauty In her work as an aesthetic injector, Destiny Garcia takes extra care to create treatment plans that reflect the unique goals of her clients. “Before I begin to pull any products or touch the patient’s face, I sit down with my patient and discuss what they came […]

Same-Day Total Knee Replacement

same-day knee replacement stitch

Annual Bone & Joint Section This joint replacement surgery is now possible in an outpatient setting. Understanding Total Knee Replacement When the knee becomes severely damaged, often by an injury or condition such as arthritis, it can become difficult if not impossible to perform even the simplest activities such as walking. If conservative methods are […]

Beautifully You – Yuliya Castleberg, BSN

yuliya castleberg

Alchemy Medspa & Wellness Center Customizing Care In her work as a nurse for more than five years and in the field of aesthetics for almost two years, Yuliya Castleberg understands that quality care and custom treatment plans yield the best results. “I listen to what the client’s needs and expectations are,” she says. “Once […]

Mental Health in the Moment

graphic illustration of person with clouds around their head

Go-To Grounding Techniques When difficult emotions build up, causing anxious or depressive thoughts, it can be a challenge to stay in the present moment. Grounding is a meditative practice that helps mitigate overwhelming thoughts by helping you tune in to the world around you. Read on for some methods to ground yourself and feel more […]

Living With Lupus

grid photos of lupus symptoms

The 411 on This Autoimmune Disease Lupus causes a wide range of symptoms and can affect every part of the body, which can have a massive impact on a person’s quality of life. While there is currently no way to prevent the onset of lupus, treatments have evolved to better manage symptoms, reduce flare-ups, and […]

Understanding Preterm Birth

preterm infant receiving treatment

Outlining the Risks An average pregnancy lasts around 40 weeks, and babies born sooner than this have an increased chance of complications. While there are numerous challenges that can arise from preterm birth, advancements in medicine and general understanding have led to better outcomes in recent years. Read on for insight from neonatologist Dr. Nicholas […]

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