Embracing Routines this Summer

Father packing things in his car trunk with his two kids for summer vacation

Embracing the Summer Season Structure and routine is very important for most kids – and parents – to flourish and succeed. Schedules are easier to maintain during the school year, but the seemingly endless summer days with fewer obligations can throw off a family’s equilibrium, as can a big transition like starting school again in […]

A Parent’s Guide to Helping Kids Make the Most of Their Summer Camp Experience

Off to Camp Summer camp experiences are valuable for children’s development in a myriad of ways, like gaining independence and friendship-building skills! Here, we highlight why being unplugged and having new experiences can be beneficial for your child as well as how to avoid homesickness, plus tips for choosing the right kind of camp for […]

Musings on Motherhood

Kayla Jones kissing her baby boy Link

Bringing a child into the world is an incredible event.  But as wonderful as being a new mom is, it can also be a very challenging time with its fair share of ups and downs. Here, three ladies talk about their journey through recently having a child and what they have done that has helped […]

Teaching Kids All About Managing Money

The Fundamentals of Finance We all want our kids to grow up and lead happy, comfortable lives. And a big part of life is managing money. Here, three local ladies share a few ways they are helping teach their children about the value of money, hopefully making an impression for years to come.   Debbie […]

Helping Kids Reacclimate to In-Person Learning

school supplies on a blue background

Going Old-School   In pre-pandemic days, “Back to School” was a fairly momentous occasion. It meant new outfits, new pens and notebooks, and a new routine. For parents and students alike, it was bittersweet – children were sad to see the carefree days of summer vacation end, while parents might regretfully anticipate a reduction in […]

Learn What to Do When Your Child is Grieving

mother comforting her young daughter who is going through grief

Sadder But Wiser For obvious reasons, the past year and a half has shown a spike in mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, stress, and grief. And, unfortunately, children are not immune to these emotional concerns. While it might be easier to assume that the “carefree nature of childhood” overrides true grief in children, […]

Coping with an Empty Nest

empty birds nest on blue background

Strategies for Survival When Your Child Leaves Home In a few short weeks, students across the country will be preparing for a major milestone: their high school graduation. While the thought of moving away from home, whether to attend college, join the military, or find a job, likely fills these students with joy and eager […]

Local Summer Camp Profiles – Summer 2021

kids sitting on a rock at summer camp

Off to Camp!       Baylor Summer Camps Families have enjoyed Baylor Summer Camps for decades! Baylor’s 690-acre campus and facilities allow for a wide array of activities to match individual skills and interests, and Baylor faculty, coaches, and counselors have the expertise in working with children in a safe and nurturing environment. From […]