Area Moms Share Their Secrets for a Smooth Transition Into the School Year

Back to School

After months of summer sunshine and the fresh routine that comes with it, many area children are gearing up to go back to school. But transitioning from camp back to the classroom can be easier said than done. Between getting supplies and packing lunches to carpooling and participating in extracurriculars, it can often feel like you’re burning the candle at both ends. Here, we talk with four local moms about how they stifle the stress once school is back in session.

Shelby Wamp holding one of her kids
“Meals are the first thing that comes to my mind when I think about the crazy schedule that heading back into school brings. I have really begun to rely on meal planning and intentional grocery shopping – not the kind that involves taking kids with me to the store. I also make sure to have a list, and I rarely forget things if I bring one. There are so many apps available that allow grocery lists to be made online with pick-up or delivery involved. This has been my lifesaver. Also, if you are a mom of multiples like me, Costco trips may be a big help. The bulk snacks, breakfast bars, and juice boxes are perfect for quickly packing lunches, and it definitely saves money in the long run. Staying on top of meal planning really brings a lot of calm to our hectic weeks!”
Shelby Wamp
Melanie Settles headshot
“Having three children in three different schools this upcoming school year, I need work-life balance more than ever. I am used to waking up early every day to get in an hour’s worth of physical activity, which is still important to me and something I will continue to prioritize. As a family, we will come up with a plan, assign tasks, and delegate so that we are all able to start the day following a routine to make life easier for all of us. My priorities will be setting goals, delegating tasks, and sticking to the plan.”
Melanie Settles
Danielle Farmer headshot
“In early summer, I map out the entire school year on a paper calendar. Personally, I think this is the easiest way to do ‘big-picture’ planning, even though we live off our digital calendars day to day. I put in holidays, school closings, vacations, and any family events we already know of. This calendar stays on the fridge for quick reference, and then I add those events to our work calendars and share it with our family members. The month leading into the school year, I also do a drawer and cabinet clean-out. My daughter Madison loves to help me organize! This helps us know what we have and what we need to purchase and helps me feel more organized in general. Knocking school supply shopping out before our July vacation checks that box.”
Danielle Farmer
Shadrina Booker headshot
“As a mother of an almost-7-year-old, I have finally begun to take heed of my previous mom fails as we prep for another school year. This year, I made my life so much easier by shopping for school supplies and uniforms weeks before school is set to start, well before the crowds are unbearable and shelves are nearly empty. For summer weeks that weren’t filled with camps, we woke up early and went for a run. This guarantees some exerted energy to jumpstart the day and prepare for early-morning alarms. Because our son is driven by routines, keeping morning wake-up times and bedtimes similar to his school year schedule is key to an easier life for us all. Beyond these few things, I have stocked up on coffee and begun to mentally prepare to deal with all of the unknowns the academic year will present.”
Shadrina Booker

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