Organize Your Kitchen for Better Health

organized kitchen

Five Foolproof Ways to Ensure a Healthier 2022 2022 has arrived, and if New Year’s resolutions are on your mind, you’re not alone. Two of the most common resolutions people make this time of year have to do with improving their diet and getting more organized. But what if you could accomplish both of these […]

Organize Your…Desk!

organized desk flatlay

9 Tips to Declutter Your Work Space Everyone’s workspace is an important factor in their productivity. Studies show that clutter is more than just unattractive – it’s actually ruining your focus. Find out how to home in on office tasks with a clear creative space while making the most of your time from home base. […]

Organize Your Morning Routine

woman smiling and stretching as she wakes up in the morning to start her day

Tips for Seizing the Day, Every Day Organization is key to a less stressful existence, which in turn leads to increased productivity and happiness. And the cycle usually continues along this positive trajectory. What do the experts proclaim as most helpful in keeping organized? Your morning routine! And rightfully so, because it sets the tone […]

Organize Your Bag

purple purse with makeup sunglasses and earbuds spilling out how to organize your bag

Tips for Decluttering Keeping your bag decluttered doesn’t have to be a major time commitment. When your purse, pack, or briefcase is your lifeline, you certainly want to be able to find what you need when you need it. So, take the following steps to organize your bag and keep it that way! Dump It […]

Organize Your…Files

a large stack of files

Keeping a Well-Organized System Your files contain important private information that needs to be kept safe – yet easily accessible. Keeping a well-organized filing system is key to reducing stress and saving time and money! Start Fresh: Trash and Tidy The first step is trashing all unwanted items and cleaning the area. With important documents, […]

Organize Your… Medicine Cabinet!

pill bottles organize your medicine cabinet chattanooga

Decluttering for Your Health Any storage space in your home is susceptible to becoming cluttered and overfilled with time. However, most of these spaces contain items which need to be easily identified and easy to use at a moment’s notice – especially in the medicine cabinet! Here, clutter and disorganization can cause health-threatening hold-ups. Read […]

How to Organize Your Refrigerator

organized fridge

4 Tips for an Orderly Fridge The fridge is a place that can all too easily become cluttered and messy, causing you to close the door and go out to eat. Out-of-date condiments, forgotten leftovers, and too many beverages can impede your ability to make healthy eating choices at home. If you’re looking to streamline […]

How to Organize Your Car

Smiling Woman Wearing Sunglasses in Car with Windows Down in Chattanooga

Benefits of a Clean & Orderly Car Your car is a means of transportation, so its focus should be functionality and safety. But those can’t be achieved without organization! Fortunately, if you keep your vehicle in a well-organized state, you’re less likely to be stressed or distracted while driving, and therefore, safer. Make your car […]

Form & Function

ergonomic home office desk space mac computer in chattanooga

Incorporating Ergonomic Features in Your Home You may have first heard the word “ergonomics” at the office; after all, it explores the relationship between humans and their work environment, particularly the equipment and tools that they use. In recent years, ergonomics has gained popularity in home design, as homeowners and interior designers are creating more […]

Organize Your Bathroom

clean modern bathroom in chattanooga

Simple Suggestions to Keep Your Bathroom Clean In this small, yet essential room, counter space is prime real estate. With these simple suggestions for organization, you can make the most of your space and enjoy more stress-free mornings. Benefits of an Organized Bathroom Did you know that a messy space can immediately trigger stress hormones? […]

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