Organize Your Garage

garage door in chattanooga

How to Declutter Your Garage A notorious catch-all space in the home, garages can accumulate clutter more quickly than almost any other area. This is why establishing an organizational system can be so impactful. Not only will this project help improve the functionality of your garage, but it should also save you time, effort, and […]

Tips for Organizing Your Closet

clothes hanging in a closet in chattanooga

De-Stress the Process of Getting Dressed Life is stressful enough without having to rummage through a confusing closet each morning as part of the daily dash to the office. If your closet has eaten too many pairs of shoes or become a Bermuda Triangle for your boleros, it’s time to get organized. Follow these simple […]

Organize Your… Self!

notebooks, planners, and chic office supplies in chattanooga

Employing the Power of Personal Planners Research suggests that the act of physically putting pen to paper helps us remember what we’re noting more than any other method. This means that while handy, keeping track of all your daily tasks on your phone might not be the most effective way to remember them. That’s where […]

Organize Your Pantry

pantry shelves with jars of food and various ceramic dishes in chattanooga

An organized life is a less stressful life. And an organized pantry is not only less stressful, but it will also save you time and money while providing a foundation for healthy eating habits. Purging & Cleaning Begin by throwing out expired items and donating unwanted food. Toss groceries that are stale and unhealthy snacks […]

“But I Might Need It.”

Young woman diving into her very messy, unorganized closet searching for something. Vertical shot.

From Clutter to Compulsive Hoarding When discussing the issue of hoarding, we are not talking about hobbyists, individuals with a passion to collect baseball cards or coins or stamps. Nor are we discussing “messy,” a somewhat laid-back approach to housekeeping that causes consternation in so many marriages. Rather, we are examining a potentially dangerous pathological […]

Medicine Cabinet Makeover

medicine pill bottles in blue background

Tips for Cleaning, Organizing & Stocking Your Medicine Cabinet When you trudge sneezing, wheezing and bleary-eyed to your medicine cabinet, you don’t want to claw in frustration through a hodgepodge of bottles only to find that what you need is not there. And what you do find shouldn’t be so old that it might make you or […]

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