Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

illustration of young woman struggling with chronic fatigue syndrome

Examining Exhaustion We all know that good sleep is important for healthy brain and body function, but what happens when you still feel exhausted after a full night of rest? This is the frustrating reality of living with chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), a somewhat mysterious disorder that can negatively impact every aspect of a person’s […]

The ABCs of Heart Disease

What To Know Each year, February is designated as American Heart Month – a time to raise awareness about heart disease and focus on improving overall health. In honor of this year’s Heart Month, we’re sharing important information and helpful tips, with insights from cardiologists Dr. Aaron Soufer of The Chattanooga Heart Institute and Dr. […]

Living With Lupus

grid photos of lupus symptoms

The 411 on This Autoimmune Disease Lupus causes a wide range of symptoms and can affect every part of the body, which can have a massive impact on a person’s quality of life. While there is currently no way to prevent the onset of lupus, treatments have evolved to better manage symptoms, reduce flare-ups, and […]

Discussing Diabetes

graphic illustration of woman checking her blood sugar

Distinguishing the Types Over 37 million adults in the United States have diabetes, but the CDC reports that 1 in 5 are not aware of it. Unfortunately, diabetes can cause significant health complications when left untreated – it is the No. 1 cause of kidney failure, lower-limb amputations, and blindness in the United States, as […]


elderly man getting his eyes checked for cataracts

Annual Aging Well Section This common eye condition causes gradual vision loss in aging adults. What are Cataracts? The human eye has a natural lens that helps focus light. A healthy lens is clear, but when the proteins in the lens begin to break down, they can cause blurry and hazy vision. This clouding of […]

Comprehensive Hand Care

elderly woman's hands

Annual Aging Well Section State-of-the-art orthopedic care can help ease pain and improve hand function for aging adults. Understanding Hand Health We use our hands and fingers every day for countless activities, from writing and picking up items to eating and driving a car. Properly functioning joints and muscles are key to performing these tasks; […]

Vascular Health in Aging Adults

healthy elderly man being active outdoors

Annual Aging Well Section Healthy veins and arteries are an important aspect of maintaining good health in old age. Common Vascular Conditions Old age is a risk factor for vascular issues, making it important to understand the most common conditions. Atherosclerosis involves the gradual buildup of plaque in the arteries, which can restrict blood flow. […]

The Truth About Lung Cancer

graphic illustration of lungs

What You Need to Know Lung cancer is the third most commonly diagnosed cancer in the United States, but it claims more lives than any other type of cancer each year. Second to heart disease, lung cancer is the greatest health risk in Tennessee and throughout the country, but decades of misguided messaging have created […]

Concussions: Fact vs. Fiction

illustration of woman struggling with a concussion

Uncovering the Truth about Concussions A concussion is a common type of traumatic brain injury that can be more significant than some people realize. Here, we separate the facts of concussions from the fiction with insight from Dr. Jason Robertson, a sports medicine specialist with Center for Sports Medicine and Orthopaedics, and Dr. Matt Campbell, […]

The Basics of Blood Disorders

spreading blood in a cloudy and airy form in blue background

What You Need to Know about Blood Disorders There are many different types of blood disorders which can cause a variety of symptoms, but many of us don’t consider our blood when we start to feel poorly. Here, we share important information about several of the most common blood disorders to look out for. Read […]

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