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Healthy teeth are an easy thing to take for granted, which is why it’s all the more important to take good care of them. In this section, we feature some of the best dental technologies, procedures, and services that can improve the function and appearance of your smile. Through proper upkeep and the support of professionals, you can take charge of your oral health.

This innovative process lets patients preview their new smile.

Understanding Smile Design

Smile design is a one-of-a-kind dental treatment planning tool that utilizes digital technology to create a new, custom smile for each patient. Thanks to smile design’s detailed visualization, patients can play an active role in determining the end results before any dental treatment begins.

How It Works

Smile design is based on an in-depth digital analysis of a patient’s dental and facial anatomy. Elements such as bone structure and lip position are taken into consideration to create a smile that is both beautiful and functional for the patient’s face shape. Four steps will occur before a treatment plan is put in place:

female dentist handing her patient a mirror to look at her teeth
  1. Digitization. During your first appointment, your dentist will use high-definition imaging tools to photograph and scan your teeth. This step will create a full picture of your current smile.
  2. Design. A digital model of your brand-new smile will then be built, based on your personal preferences and insight gained during digitization.
  3. Creation. The digital model is then sent off for the creation of a temporary placement.
  4. Installation. You will return for a second appointment, during which you will try on this mock-up and preview your future smile. Your dentist will make sure that the teeth are the shape and shade you prefer.

Following these steps, you will have the opportunity to provide feedback on the drafted design before beginning a treatment plan. Treatment can include veneers, crowns, reshaping, and whitening.

What Are the Benefits?

Smile design helps improve communication between dentists and patients and ensures both parties are on the same page before beginning treatment. The temporary placement gives patients the unique chance to preview their new smile and confirm they are satisfied with the design. Plus, the digital model created during smile design can be used in collaboration with orthodontic treatment, dental implant placement, and more.

An Expert Weighs In

“Smile design has revolutionized the way we do full mouth esthetic cases. It is always difficult to demonstrate how life changing a full mouth makeover would look like for a patient following all of the guidelines of their lip line, the shape of their face, the distance between their eyes, etc. With this new service, patients are able to ‘try on’ their new smile before committing to anything, which has been a game changer.”

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