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Top 5 Ways to Work Out

The Fitness 5

If your exercise routine could use a little variety, you’ve come to the right place. Here, former fitness instructor Comelia Franceschi shares five different ways she gets a workout in throughout the week. “I’m not married to one type of workout,” Comelia says. “Mixing it up not only prevents boredom, but it helps me to build new muscles and prevent injuries. Plus, it keeps me excited about exercising!”

1. Zumba

“What better way to work out than when it doesn’t feel like exercise at all? For me, Zumba is more like a fun dance experience with friends. The choreographed moves get your heart rate up and burn tons of calories.”


“Because of my busy life, time is often an obstacle when it comes to exercising. That’s why HIIT, or high-intensity interval training, is perfect when on the go – 25 minutes, and my workout is done. Best of all, no equipment is needed, so the exercises are easy to do in the comfort of my own home.”

3. Turbo Kick

“This full-body workout has become one of my new favorites! Offered at the local YMCA, Turbo Kick classes are challenging yet approachable at the same time. They’re a great mix of aerobics and martial arts, and they build endurance.”

4. Outdoor Running

“By no means would I consider myself a runner; however, hitting the pavement and trails in some of Chattanooga’s most scenic areas has become a way for me to escape the busyness of life and connect with the beautiful outdoors.”

5. Pole Fitness

“If you want to really spice up your workout routine, look no further than pole fitness. This is a fun cardio workout that improves strength and flexibility while working muscles I didn’t know I had! It targets the entire body and is a great workout that I enjoy with friends.”

Comelia Franceschi

Comelia Franceschi

Comelia is a Kindergarten teacher, wife, and mom to two active boys. With a lifelong passion for fitness, Comelia has experience as a college dancer, fitness competitor, and Zumba instructor.

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