Gaining Grit When You’re Golden

kettlebell on green background

Benefits & Tips for Low-Impact Exercise If all the benefits of exercise were in a pill, everyone would take it! Unfortunately, it’s not quite that easy, and recent studies suggest that more than a third of adults 65 and older are doing no leisure-time physical activity at all. If you fall into this category, it’s […]

Indoor Workouts

elderly woman working out indoors with weights

Too Cold or Rainy to Go Out? Workout Indoors! Don’t let the low temps of winter cool your exercise jets! If you’re in a good routine of working out, or need to start one, check out these top tips to help keep you fit during the cold months. Keep It Short and Simple There’s no […]

Fitness Apps That Fit Your Personality

woman using a fitness app on her smartphone

Find What Motivates You If you’re searching for the perfect app to get you motivated, check out this list of top fitness apps and how they target different personality types! Strava If you’re the competitive type, Strava offers a unique social component to your running or cycling workout. Post pictures or comments about your workout, […]

Staying Fit at the Office

illustration of woman meditating by work desk computer and graphs chattanooga

7 Ways to Stay Fit at the Office If you sit at a desk all day, it’s hard to make sure you’re getting enough physical activity. Plus sitting at a desk can actually have negative effects on your body. Check out these tips for ways to get moving at work. 1. Make Your Commute Count […]

Don’t Fear Muscle

African-american fitness woman doing biceps workouts with dumbbells in gym, copy space

The Powerful Benefits of Strength Training “IT IS A SHAME FOR A MAN ANYONE TO GROW OLD WITHOUT SEEING THE BEAUTY AND STRENGTH OF WHICH HIS THEIR BODY IS CAPABLE.” – SOCRATES While many women have embraced the powerful benefits of strength training, it’s still common for women to bypass the bench. Usually, this avoidance stems […]

The Benefits of Lunchtime Walks

business woman walking during her lunch break while listening to music

Health Benefits of Lunch Break Walks When the average American spends 20% of their week at work, it’s important to prioritize health, even at the office. Walking during your lunch break can be one of the simplest and most beneficial activities for your body and mind. Luckily, Chattanooga and its surrounding areas are filled with […]

5 Fitness Accessories You Need

fitness accessories

Even making it to the gym can be tough in the dead of winter. That’s why we’ve rounded up five fitness accessories to keep on-hand for the best at-home workout.

Fitness Mistakes You’re Making

walking on treadmill

We Ask the Experts: Common Fitness Mistakes These top area trainers see fitness goals being reached every day. They also have a keen insight into what might be throwing you off course – and why. Here, they share the most common mistakes they see. No Control of Consistency “The biggest mistake we see in the […]

Back to the Basics

woman planking

Simple, Effective Workouts – No Equipment Needed These workouts are simple. But just because a workout isn’t complex, doesn’t mean it isn’t effective. Complete Training’s Jullie Chung tells us the five simplest workouts you can do – no equipment required. Jumping Jacks Perfect Form: “I would say one of the most important things with a […]

Wellness Goals You Should Kick

fitness woman writing her goals

Leave These Types of Goals Behind Not all goals are good. Here are four wellness and fitness feats you should never aspire to, and what to aim for instead. Unattainable goals. Goals that make you eliminate something completely, or jump into something too intensely, can rarely be kept. If you try cutting out soda all […]

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