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Staying Fit at the Office

7 Ways to Stay Fit at the Office

If you sit at a desk all day, it’s hard to make sure you’re getting enough physical activity. Plus sitting at a desk can actually have negative effects on your body. Check out these tips for ways to get moving at work.

1. Make Your Commute Count

Walk or bike to work, park as far away as possible, or take the stairs instead of the elevator – every step counts!

2. Work on Your Feet

Invest in or create a standing desk, walk while you’re on the phone, and walk to colleagues’ desks to ask questions rather than emailing them.

3. Take a Break

Everyone “takes five” throughout the day to clear their heads. Use this time to walk around the office, take in a few flights of stairs, or do some quick stretches or body weight exercises. This will keep your mind and body fit.

4. Switch the Rolling Chair for a Fitness Ball

It may seem silly, but if it’s appropriate in your office space, making this swap can do wonders for your core muscles and balance throughout the day. Use it during breaks for other exercises too.

5. Find a Friend

When you have a partner or group to hold you accountable and encourage you, the likelihood of success greatly increases. Find some co-workers who want to walk with you at lunch each day or work out together when you get off.

6. Make Meetings Move

Schedule walking meetings when it’s practical for everyone involved. Take brainstorming sessions on a lap around the office.

7. Keep Your Gear Near

Keep resistance bands or hand weights in your desk to make quick fitness breaks more productive.

Ideas to Get You Started:

  • Do air squats, lunges, and chair dips on your break.
  • Use hand weights to do curls while at your desk.
  • Use the first part of lunch to eat, then walk around the office to help digestion and circulation.
  • Take a stretch break during the “2 p.m. crash.”
  • Tuck your chin to your chest and stretch your neck, twist in your chair to stretch your back, or do leg extensions under your desk to stretch quads and hamstrings.

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