Food Fuel: What to Eat Before (and after) You Exercise

woman eating healthy post-workout

Getting the right food and fluids into your system before you hit the gym is a  crucial component to your workout. According to the American Heart Association, failing to fuel up before you work out is akin to driving a car on empty, so try to consume food before and after you exercise, and drink […]

Way to Warm Up!

woman warming up for workout

Get Ready in Three Minutes Jumping right into your workout might seem tempting, but warming up is an essential first step. Here’s a quick warmup you can do, and the benefits you can gain from it. Why Warm Up? A warmup gets your body primed and ready for the exercise it’s about to endure. When […]

Beat the Heat

woman listening to music in hot weather

Staying Safe in Summer Weather Should you take your workout outside this summer? Forte Fitness personal trainer Anne-Marie Riley tells us how to stay safe in summer heat. Q: Are there any benefits to working out in summer heat? A: When you expose yourself to heat, it builds your heat tolerance. When you age, your body […]

Maximize Your Hike

close up of a hiker's lower half of body

Turn Your Hike into a Full-Body Workout Hiking is a wonderful opportunity to self-reflect, workout, and build a connection with nature, often all at the same time! With our proximity to the Appalachian Mountain system our connection to hiking runs deep. So we pooled our collective expertise to offer these 5 tips for you get […]

The Cons of Quitting

close up of a woman in a plank position

Why It’s Best to Maintain Those Gains You got into a great gym routine during the winter months, but now that the weather’s turning warm you’re starting to slack off. Sound familiar? It’s a common problem but one that you’ll want to avoid. Sportsbarn trainer and life coach Casey Wiseman tells us why. Your muscles […]

Look Great Post-Workout

young smiling fit woman holding a water bottle with a towel on her shoulder

How to Look Great After a Workout Going from the gym to the office and need to look good for your next presentation? Here’s tips for how to go from workout mode to professional with just a few steps! Be strategic with your hair. When you have somewhere to go after your workout, the last […]

5 Tips for Choosing a Personal Trainer

trainer with fitness client

Searching for a Personal Trainer If you’re wanting to start off on the right foot by getting a personal trainer to help with your exercise and workout goals, then here are 5 tips to help you get started! Make sure they’re certified and in-the-know. Before nailing down a trainer, make sure they have proper training […]

Workout with Weights

smiling fit woman holding up a dumbbell

Building Strength without Bulk Sportsbarn’s Don Bowman chatted with us about incorporating weights – without bulking up. The more muscular you are, the more calories your body will burn throughout the day. HS: Why is it important to incorporate weights into your workouts? DB: Weight-bearing movements enable you to increase not only muscle density, but […]

From Walk To Workout

asian woman walking with weights

Tips to Enhance Your Stroll Just getting back into fitness? We talked to Forte Fitness Trainer Matthew Walters about simple ways to turn a walk into a full-fledged workout. Don’t miss these tips! Add weight. Increase the intensity of your walk by adding weight for resistance. Incorporate dumbbells if you have them at home, but […]

Get the Ball Rolling

woman doing planks at home

Goodbye Couch, Hello Fitness While we all love a night of binge-watching Netflix now and then, too many evenings in front of the screen can zap your energy and put a wrench in your workout plans. Here, Forte Fitness Managing Partner Kyle Johnston shares his advice on getting off the couch and into a sustainable […]

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