Wellness Goals You Should Kick

Leave These Types of Goals Behind

Not all goals are good. Here are four wellness and fitness feats you should never aspire to, and what to aim for instead.

Unattainable goals.

Goals that make you eliminate something completely, or jump into something too intensely, can rarely be kept. If you try cutting out soda all together, even having a sip or two will technically cause you to fail. Similarly, if you plan to run five miles several days per week, one slipup can throw you off track. Your goals should be made up of small, consistent steps that you can easily attain. For example, aim to drink more water each day, so that even if you do cave for a carbonated drink, you can still reach your goal for the day by drinking plenty of H20. 

Unspecific goals.

If you don’t have a clear course of action it’ll be difficult to achieve the desired end result. In place of saying you want to lose weight, delve into the specifics. Make the goal of lowering your body fat percentage. Make sure each goal is clearly defined by writing down exactly what you want to achieve. 

Outcome goals.

These types of result-oriented goals are things like “get six-pack abs.” Goals like this can sometimes be affected by things that are outside of your control, making them harder to achieve. Instead, make your goal the steps you’ll need to take to reach that result. Set the goal of eating leaner meats or doing 50 crunches each day, and watch as positive outcomes transpire.

Routine-lacking goals.

When working toward a healthier lifestyle, it’s important to fully integrate goal-reaching into your daily routine. Only working out sporadically or eating healthy on certain days will delay any progress that you’re hoping to see. Shoot for a long-term approach to your goals that includes fully incorporating the steps it takes to achieve them. Make set-in-stone gym days, plan out your meals, and make sure you stick to the schedule as closely as you can.


  • Let your goals build. Once you’ve mastered a two-per-week workout, don’t be afraid to up the ante.
  • A scheduled, routine workout will help you hold yourself accountable, but even greater accountability can be found by enlisting a workout partner to cheer you on.
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