A Meaningful Marriage

For most couples, a long and happy marriage is no walk in the park. Both parties have to exemplify love, support, and gratitude to create – and maintain – a strong and healthy relationship. Here, several local ladies share just a few of the ways true appreciation can be shown and the importance of letting your partner know you care. 

I’ve learned that the little things add up to be more meaningful and special than the big things. Words of affirmation and touch are where my husband thrives. For me, that means I make an effort to be the one to reach for his hand when we are in the car or slip a note in his lunch box before he heads off to work. Something I have been working on improving is verbalizing my gratefulness for him on a daily basis. He takes out the trash for us and, though it is one of his ‘roles’ in the house, I thank him for it so he knows I see him and appreciate him. If I think to myself, ‘Man, he is such a good dad; our son is so blessed!’ I need to say it! By focusing on those little moments more often, the bigger moments mean so much more.”

My husband is on a comedy tour, and trying to organize travel can be pretty hectic. Unbeknownst to him, I received his tour dates and immediately booked all of his flights for the entire tour. I wanted him to know that I acknowledge, appreciate, and respect his hard work. This may not be a big deal to others, but I love seeing how the smallest things make him happy. We are in this together, so I don’t mind doing whatever I have to do to keep him motivated and bring out the best in him. I want him to always know I will have his back, and he has my unconditional love and support.”

My husband, Ray, and I have been married for 50 years, and I have learned several things that have made all the difference in a happy marriage.
1) We all have struggles, and we will occasionally remind each other of the hard times, which can be a great opportunity to laugh or cry together.
2) Appreciate each other’s differences.
3) Even if it’s painful or you think it serves no purpose, be willing to talk about things. You may be surprised at what comes to the surface.
4) Be supportive. Sometimes it can be hard to understand or agree on certain issues, but support is vital.
5) For us, it has been important to grow together spiritually and be on the same page when it comes to our walk with Christ.
6) Having shared interests is really fun and gives you and your partner a way to grow together, but at the same time, having a partner is no substitute for having your own friends and interests.
7) Surprises are the spice of life!”

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