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Communicating in Relationships

It’s no secret that effective communication leads to a higher level of satisfaction and happiness in relationships. But just like any other skill, truly effective

Jealousy in Relationships

Dr. Carol Burns Stoney, LPC-MHSP, shared her take on jealousy in relationships. HS: A lot of relationships involve jealousy, from either one partner or both.

Setting the Bar

When it comes to dating and relationships, here are a few tips for setting healthy expectations and avoiding disappointment. Take your time. Sure, you might

Fight Right

Wondering about how much is too much when it comes to arguing with your spouse? It’s possible you could be asking the wrong question. By Julie

Work Spouses

What are they? From knowing your favorite sandwich at the corner deli to reminding you about your kid’s afternoon soccer game, the line between co-workers

Setting Boundaries

Full PDF here. By Candice Graham Do you feel your work spouse relationship may be veering off course? Lorrie Slater, a licensed professional counselor with Henegar

older couple lying in bed together

Stoking the Fire of Passion

Do you remember the first time you laid eyes on your spouse? Did your heart skip a beat? Throughout the time you dated and right

7 Health Benefits of Sex

7 Health Benefits of Sex

Has your doctor every written you a prescription for sex?  Perhaps she should. Sex can help lower your blood pressure, curb your anxiety, and even

grieving and lonely elderly woman

Losing a Spouse

Grief and the Process for Recovery Death gives meaning to our existence because it reminds us how precious life is. Losing a spouse is one

Mature woman sitting arms around friends at lakeshore. Females are smiling in forest. They are enjoying vacation together in woodland.

Creating Emotional Connections

The Strength to be Vulnerable The image that often brings warmth to each of us is that of a brand new baby being held in

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