In Good Times & In Bad

As we grow and mature, friendship becomes not only a more treasured relationship, but it also can require more effort to maintain. When lives become busier and people move away, or when we undergo challenging times, friendships might need a special touch and a more intentional approach. These local ladies share their thoughts on what it takes to be a great friend, no matter the circumstances.

“Each day I am inspired by young girls who are finding their tribes, discovering ways to come together in support of each other. We teach girls how to be friends with women and that friendship doesn’t equate to competition but inspiration. Those relationships start early and gradually become something more – a sisterhood that often endures long after commencement. Personally, I have found such value in being part of a community of strong women who support each other. I think the secret to supportive friendships is finding your tribe – a group of women who share your core values and inspire you to be your best self. Inspiring your friend to be the best version of herself is the best way to support in good times and bad.”
Dr. Autumn Graves
GPS Head of School
“As I’ve gotten older, I find that the biggest, most important, part of being a supportive friend (during good times or bad) is simply being a good listener. To me, that entails listening intently, but also asking questions in such a way that they make people feel comfortable sharing as little or as much as they want.”
Kelly Fitzgerald
Founder, Society of Work & Commercial Real Estate Broker
“Years ago, during what I thought was the end of a precious friendship, I read Anna Quinlan’s commencement address. It shaped my goal for the type of friend I wanted to be. In it she says, ‘I no longer consider myself the center of the universe. I show up, I listen, I try to laugh.’ I decided if I could be mature and selfless, I could evaluate myself more honestly. I would know when to apologize and when to offer forgiveness. That phrase – ‘showing up’ became my friendship mantra. Showing up doesn’t always have the perfect words, the best gift, or the coolest invitation. But it’s the vulnerable step that says, ‘I’m here. I’ve got you.’”
Merrile Stroud
Yoga Instructor

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