Seasonal Self-Care Tips

Local Ladies Share Their Self-Care Strategies for the Holiday Season

Between the Christmas shopping, travel planning, house decorating, and holiday meal preparation – not to mention taking care of loved ones – our to-do lists seem never-ending come November. What is sometimes missing from that to-do list is making time for self-care, although it should be a top priority, especially when life gets busy. Practicing self-care can look like a lot of things – bubble baths, meditation, exercise, gratitude journals – but what is most important is that you find the thing that works for you and your lifestyle.

We asked the following local ladies to share how they’ll be practicing self-care this holiday season; be sure to take a page out of their book!

“Self-care is going to look a lot different this holiday season. I won’t be attending the big parties or getting together with my out-of-town relatives. While I am saddened, I have accepted the reality and embraced a different outlook. I have decided to be excited about the chance to throw out the traditions playbook and start a new one. This year, I plan on decorating my house, not for others, but for myself. I will make working out, whether it is running or online cardio dance classes, a part of my daily routine. I will take long baths and listen to Christmas music. I will find time each day to connect with a friend or family member near and far. And most importantly, I will cherish each moment as a gift; I will focus on being grateful for having a place to call home and friends to call family.”
Caroline Walker
“Like for many, end-of-year holidays have always been a special time of the year for me. It seems though, as we get more and more involved with life and its activities, holidays also seem to bring more stress opportunities. As a wife, mother, HR professional, and owner of Valley Flowers, this year I’m looking forward to bringing into focus what’s most important: family, faith, and tradition. In doing so, I know that I’ll find that nourishing these pillars will be good for those that I love – and that priceless self-care will be good for my soul.”
Brenda Flores-Lopez
“As a form of self-care, I try to stick with my normal routine throughout the holiday season. I think it is important to start each day being thankful – just spending a few quiet minutes in gratitude makes a big difference in a day. Physical activity is also an important part of my routine. I try to do something active every day, preferably outdoors; I love fresh air and think that exercise is the best way to alleviate stress! To me, simple times spent with my family, including our pets, create the best memories we can have.”
Crissy Warren
North Chattanooga

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