The Importance of Alone Time

Taking Time for Yourself

Life is busy. It’s no secret that taking a few minutes for yourself each day can feel like an impossible feat. However, it’s worth it! The benefits of a little “me-time” are many. From increased empathy and creativity, to building mental strength that staves off depression, alone time can really help you feel whole. See how these local ladies like to spend their time alone and why it’s important to them.

"My ultimate goal in life is to motivate people. So, all of my roles require that I be around people all day. Consequently, I value my alone time. There’s nothing like a great solo run or workout, being home with a candle while playing music that reminds me of the good old days, or reading a motivational book. My alone time is vital to refuel and get my power back. We as dynamic women sometimes forget about ourselves, and alone time is crucial to help us reset so we can pour into the world."
Donna "Elle" Harrison
"My favorite activity to do during alone time is going for a run. Running is the best form of therapy for me; spending time on a solo run is so helpful for me to clear my head and process anything on my mind. It helps me organize my thoughts and feel peaceful and energized for the rest of the day!"
Molly O'Brien Tyson
"As I grow older, I recognize the importance of just “being still.” Essentially that means releasing or just letting go of that which keeps us from inner peace. In my alone time, I find great solace in taking long walks along the river. Being near the water at the beach or at the river has a calming effect on me. It truly restores my soul! I love being outside and enjoying nature; it is in those times I feel closest to God and free of the worries of the day."
Katie McKenzie

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