Styling Must-Haves for Every Mane

Illustration of hair styling products with cream background

Having the right products in your arsenal can make all the difference when it comes to styling your hair. Whether your strands are sleek and straight, captivatingly curly, or somewhere in between, check out these tips for how to show your locks some love. Type 1: Straight Hair Dry Shampoo: Washing your hair too often […]

Going Gray

woman with long, flowy gray hair

How to Embrace Your Gray Hair Gracefully Whether your first gray hair sighting happens in your teen years or your late 30s, you’re bound to experience it eventually. Both genetics and environmental factors will determine when and how quickly you go gray, but only you get to decide how you go gray – and you […]

How Often You Should Actually Watch Your Hair

woman shampooing her hair

Getting to the Root of This Haircare Conundrum It’s the question that leaves everyone – beauty experts included – scratching their heads: How often do you really need to wash your hair? The answer, of course, isn’t so simple. The frequency with which you should shampoo depends on a number of factors ranging from your […]

Four Ways to Fight Frizzy Hair This Winter

happy young woman in yellow sweater pulling a toboggan over her hair

Say Farewell to Frizz The weather outside is frightful … especially when it comes to your hair during the winter season. Factors like plunging temperatures and dry indoor heat can wreak havoc on your luscious locks, making them brittle and weak. To combat frizz, it’s essential to stay hydrated – and we’re not just talking […]

4 Top-Performing Hairbrushes

Best Brushes for Every Budget

Best Brushes for Every Budget When was the last time you replaced your hairbrush? If it’s been a year (or five), then you might want to consider biting the bullet and purchasing a new one. In fact, some experts suggest changing your hairbrush every six months – especially if you notice a cracked bed or […]

A Guide to Growing Out Your Hair

woman shown from behind with long silky hair

A Long Way to Grow Samson in the Bible got his strength from his hair. Rapunzel let down her long locks to snag her Prince Charming. Botticelli’s Venus wrapped herself with her luxurious waist-length tresses. Long hair has long been associated with beauty and vitality. If you’re tearing your hair out trying to figure out […]

8 Common Hair Problems & How to Solve Them

straight brown hair

Managing Your Mane Whether the culprit is curling irons, hot showers, or good old-fashioned genetics, we all have our fair share of issues with our hair. And while some things are truly out of your control, the solution for how to manage your mane may just require a small tweak to your routine! Read on […]

Refine Your Routine

pink hair products

How to Care for Every Hair Type From wavy to straight, flat to frizzy, and curly to coiled, no two people’s hair is exactly alike – so why use a cookie-cutter hair care routine? Whether you are looking to tame frizz, create volume, liven shine, or minimize oil, how you wash, dry, and style your […]

Hair Loss 101

woman holding a clump of her hair due to hair loss

What to Know About Hair Loss Hair loss is something that all individuals experience, albeit some more than others. It is natural for our bodies to shed hair, and the average person loses about 100 hairs every day. This rate of hair loss typically doesn’t result in noticeable thinning, but there are several factors that […]

At the Root of It All

woman getting a scalp treatment

Scalp Treatments Can Breathe Life Into Your Hair Serums, masks, and treatments are all the rage when it comes to skincare. However, less talked about is how to properly care for your scalp. Scalp treatments are popping up in salons across the country and can be used to alleviate a variety of unwanted ailments. Whether […]

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