Four Ways to Fight Frizzy Hair This Winter

Say Farewell to Frizz

The weather outside is frightful … especially when it comes to your hair during the winter season. Factors like plunging temperatures and dry indoor heat can wreak havoc on your luscious locks, making them brittle and weak. To combat frizz, it’s essential to stay hydrated – and we’re not just talking about drinking more water. Here are four ways to add moisture back to your hair to tame that mane. 

1. Call in the conditioner.

From serums and oil treatments to leave-in conditioners, there are a number of products out there formulated to fight dryness. Leave-in conditioners in particular will help condition your hair throughout the day, keeping it soft and moisturized – and, most importantly, keeping frizz under control. You can apply leave-in conditioner to your hair as needed following a thorough rinse.

2. Maximize moisture with masks.

If your strands could use an instant jolt of hydration, look no further than the humble hair mask. Like face masks, these products work to restore moisture and nourish where you need it most. Plus, you can even whip up a DIY hair mask using ingredients straight from your pantry. While not for everyday use, a hair mask could be a speedy solution to your frizziest hair woes.

3. Put a halt to heat.

It should come as no surprise that heat styling – including blow drying, curling, and straightening – sucks the moisture out of your hair. To prevent frizzy, damaged hair, skip the heat and air-dry your hair when possible. When you do style, always make sure to use a heat protectant spray, which will build a protective barrier between your hair and those styling tools.

4. Turn down the temperature.

Blustery days call for time spent in a steamy shower, but that hot water is doing more damage than you may realize. Prolonged periods of exposure to hot water can severely stress out your tresses, leaving you with frizzy and dry hair. Instead, try washing with lukewarm (even cold!) water – especially as a final rinse – for a shinier, frizz-free mane.

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