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Styling Must-Haves for Every Mane

Having the right products in your arsenal can make all the difference when it comes to styling your hair. Whether your strands are sleek and straight, captivatingly curly, or somewhere in between, check out these tips for how to show your locks some love.

Type 1: Straight Hair

Dry Shampoo:

Washing your hair too often can actually increase oil production from the scalp, so dry shampoo is a great option. A good dry shampoo will give your locks a lift between washes, adding volume and reducing oils. If you have a sensitive scalp, opt for products made with ingredients like rice powder and natural clays, which are gentle and effective.

Texturizing Spray:

If you’re in the mood to break out your curling iron, adding a texturizing spray to the mix can help get the job done. These sprays add volume and grip to the hair to aid in styling, but they also help your style last longer with a more lived-in hold than traditional hairspray. You can also use these sprays on damp hair and give it a scrunch to create soft, beachy waves without any heat. 

Illustration of hair styling products with cream background

Type 2: Wavy Hair

Air-Drying Products:

If you want to beat the heat damage from styling tools, adding a lightweight cream, mousse, or gel air-drying product to your routine is a great way to help your natural waves look their best. These products add shine and fight frizz, with a gentle hold that adds definition to your natural wave pattern. For finer hair, you’ll want to avoid products with a lot of oils and opt for something with a little less hold. 

Wave Sprays:

Though beachy waves may be your goal, sprays containing sea salt may not be the best option for your hair. Salt can actually damage hair by drawing out its natural moisture, leading to more frizz and brittle strands over time. Instead, opt for wave texture sprays without sulfates, salts, or alcohol to create soft, tousled waves.

Type 3: Curly Hair

Leave-In Conditioner:

Curls need plenty of moisture, and a good leave-in conditioner can go a long way toward maintaining those ringlets. Apply your leave-in conditioner to damp hair and work it through each strand with your fingers, as brushing can lead to breakage and disrupt the curl pattern. For long-term hair health, it’s best to avoid products with silicon, which causes buildup that can actually block your hair from absorbing moisture. 


A good gel helps your curls set in their natural pattern, and there are plenty of options to suit your individual hair needs. If loose, hydrated curls without the crunch are your preference, a cream-gel hybrid product is a great choice. Gels with a stronger hold are great for defining tighter curls. Look for ingredients like aloe, castor oil, and flax seed for added shine and hydration.

Type 4: Coily Hair

Hair Masks:

If your curls need a boost, deep conditioning masks can bring them back to life by addressing your hair’s individual needs. For processed or highly porous hair, masks that contain proteins can strengthen your strands and restore elasticity. If your hair is feeling a bit stiff, opt instead for a conditioning mask full of natural oils and humectants like honey and shea butter. Other ingredients like rosemary, mint, and biotin are great for the scalp.

Hair Oils:

Using the right oils in your haircare routine can give your curls an extra boost of hydration or help seal in the moisture. Oils like coconut, avocado, olive, and argan oil can penetrate the hair shaft to provide lasting moisture. On the other hand, oils like jojoba, grapeseed, and Jamaican black castor oil create a protective coating around each strand to lock in moisture. 

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