Refine Your Routine

How to Care for Every Hair Type

From wavy to straight, flat to frizzy, and curly to coiled, no two people’s hair is exactly alike – so why use a cookie-cutter hair care routine? Whether you are looking to tame frizz, create volume, liven shine, or minimize oil, how you wash, dry, and style your hair matters. Regardless of what kind of hair you have, here are some general tips for how to sport your most luxurious locks.

Straight to Wavy Hair

Washing: In order to not dry out your scalp, washing your hair once or twice a week is best. For those with oily hair or active lifestyles, washing more often is fine, but aim to use a sulfate-free shampoo. Touch up in between washes with your favorite dry shampoo, but be careful not to overdo it.

Drying and styling: For this hair type, gentle towel-drying is best. To style, apply light products such as mousses and gels that won’t weigh your hair down.

Curly Hair

Washing: Just like with straight hair, the fewer washes the better. Plan on washing your hair only a couple of times a week, and use a rich conditioner that isn’t too heavy to retain moisture. If you find that your curls tend to get weighed down, skip the roots and focus on the length and ends when conditioning.

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Drying and styling: With curly hair, try applying mousse or a light curl cream while your hair is still wet to lock in moisture. To dry, use a diffuser or opt to air dry. Between washes, spritz your hair with water as needed to refresh curls.

Coiled Hair

Washing: Locking in moisture is the name of the game with coiled hair. Once a week, moisturize with coconut oil or a hair mask before washing, and use a gentle shampoo designed for natural coils. Follow up with a deep conditioner to round out this part of your routine.

Drying and styling: For optimum definition, apply curl cream in the shower while your hair is still dripping wet. Like with curly hair, use a diffuser or air dry. HS

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