Hair Care

woman laying on a pool chair by the swimming pool protect hair from chlorine in chattanooga

Aqua Locks

How to Halt Chlorine’s Assault on Your Hair We know it, you know it – swimming in chlorinated pools is detrimental to those luscious locks

colored blowdryers in chattanooga

Blow-Drying Basics

Do you ever feel like your blow-drying results are less than beautiful? Here are seven tips and tricks that can help you harness a healthier

Lob Long Bob haircut Faith Brickey in Chattannoga

Trendy Cropped Haircuts

If you’ve been dreaming of a new ‘do, it’s time to take the plunge (or rather, the chop). But which hairstyle will supply you with

Hair serums available in chattanooga

The Secret’s in the Serum

What’s the secret to shiny, smooth, healthy-looking hair? These serums, found at retailers around Chattanooga, contain nourishing ingredients that’ll boost the condition of your hair

If You’re Going Light, Do It Right!

Lots of ladies like to lighten their hair as the summer months approach. But to protect your hair’s health and appearance, there are some steps

hair combs on colorful geometric background

Styles to Sleep On

Who doesn’t love accomplishing something while they sleep? Talk about an effortless time-saver. Give these 3 overnight hairstyles a try to add some variety to

hair products for damaged hair

Products to Repair Your Hair

Damage Control If salt water, chlorine, sunshine, styling tools, and daily life are taking a toll on your tresses this summer, check out these products

hair products

Put Some Spring in Your Curls

Like most people with curly hair, you’re constantly on the lookout for reliable products to lend a sense of order to your ringlets. Look no

smiling woman with curly gray hair

Gray and Gorgeous

Here’s how to embrace your silver locks and keep them as healthy and stunning as ever. Is Gray For You? Pewter-toned hair can be just

woman enjoying blowdrying her hair

Hair vs. Heat

Deidre DeFelice Deidre DeFelice, director of operations at The Blowout Co., lends her expert advice on keeping hair protected from the heat of styling tools.

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