Styles to Sleep On

Who doesn’t love accomplishing something while they sleep? Talk about an effortless time-saver. Give these 3 overnight hairstyles a try to add some variety to your daily look and to check something off your morning routine’s list.

For Luscious Waves

The Headband Wrap

  1. With damp hair, start by taking an elastic headband and wrapping it around the crown of your head on top of your hair. 
  2. Leave out a few face-framing pieces if you wish to keep them straight.
  3. From the hair that sticks out underneath your headband, take small half-inch or less pieces, twist them loosely, then wrap them over, then under, the headband.
  4. Follow this pattern all the way around the base of your hairline until every piece of hair has been twisted and tucked into the headband.
  5. Sleep as normal, and remove the headband in the morning. Finger through loose wavy curls and touch up the style as needed.
hair combs on colorful geometric background

For Edgy Kinks

The Multitude of Braids

  1. For more jagged, kinky waves, try sleeping on many tight braids. Again, start with damp hair.
  2. Divide your hair by your desired part line.
  3. Divide your hair into small, one-inch or smaller sections and braid to the ends.
  4. Tie with small hair bands and continue until all of your hair is braided.
  5. Sleep normally, and unbraid in the morning. Simply finger through kinky waves and touch up the style as needed.

For Defined Curls

The Pinwheel Plan

  1. For tighter, more defined curls, all you need are some bobby pins and a little time. Start with damp hair again.
  2. Divide your hair into thirds from top to bottom. Clip the top two-thirds on top of your head out of the way.
  3. Starting with the bottom section, divide hair into small, half-inch or less pieces. Twist each piece, then wrap it around itself, winding down to your scalp, creating a pinwheel.
  4. Take two bobby pins and pin the pinwheel in place, sliding the bobby pins in perpendicular to each other, creating a cross.
  5. Continue this process until the entire bottom section of your hair is pinned into pinwheels. Repeat this process for the middle and top sections of your hair.
  6. Once you reach the top section, consider where you’d like your part to be, and choose placement of pinwheels accordingly.
  7. Sleep normally, and unpin in the morning. Then finger through curls to loosen, or brush through to create a fuller, looser look.

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