How to Halt Chlorine's Assault on Your Hair

We know it, you know it – swimming in chlorinated pools is detrimental to those luscious locks you’ve been preening all winter. While chlorine is a gaseous element that works wonders at killing bacteria and debris, it’s also caustic and leaches the natural oils from your hair and skin. But don’t fear soaking in the summertime fun! Instead, check out these tips for reducing and preventing chlorine damage to your hair.

1. Soak Your Strands in Fresh Water

When you swim, your hair absorbs the water and all of its contents. If you soak your hair in fresh water before swimming, it will have less room to absorb the pool’s chlorinated water.

2. Protect Your Hair

Physical barriers between your hair and the pool are very effective, so consider applying an ample amount of leave-in conditioner before your pool day. The oily coating helps prevent chlorinated water from reaching your strands and stripping their oil. You can also rock a retro style and opt for a swim cap.

woman laying on a pool chair by the swimming pool protect hair from chlorine in chattanooga

3. Shower Immediately

As soon as you’re done swimming for the day, hit the showers. Rinse out all of the chlorinated water that came in contact with your hair to prevent it from doing further damage. Just avoid harsh shampoos that cause additional oil stripping, and be sure to condition well afterward!

If your hair is still feeling the drying effects of chlorine, find a leave-in conditioner or oil that you can wear regularly, whether swimming or not. Extra hydrating is never a bad idea when exposing your hair to harsh elements. Follow these tips for fantastic tresses and enjoy your favorite summer rituals all season! HS

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