3 Fast Hairstyles for Busy Professionals

Have you found yourself in a hair rut?

If you’re seeking inspiration for fast and easy hair styles that you can whip up before work, look no further! Here are three simple styles that every busy professional should have in her repertoire.

Shot on Location at The Blowout Co., Chattanooga

Classic Chignon with Braids

Ginny Kelly in Chattanooga with Classic Chignon with Braids
Ginny Kelly, Lookout Mountain | Styled by Vanessa

Not many hair styles are as classy or elegant as the chignon. That’s because it is so simple.

  1. Divide your hair into three sections.
  2. Pull a section to each side in the front and one middle section in the back.
  3. Take the middle section and roll it under into a smooth bun.
  4. Secure with a hair tie and bobby pins if needed.
  5. Next, take each of the two side sections, braid them toward the back, secure each with a small rubber band, and swoop them across each other, over the top of the bun.
  6. Tuck them under the bun, pinning and hiding any loose ends.

Twisted Ponytail

Erica moyer in chattanooga with twisted ponytail hairstyle
Erica Moyer, Chattanooga | Styled by Kelley

For a slightly more relaxed, yet equally impressive style, give this twisted ponytail a try.

  1. Start by pulling out a small section of hair from each side and twisting it back to where they meet in the middle.
  2. Tie them together with a clear rubber band.
  3. Then pull two more small sections from just underneath where you pulled the first sections.
  4. Again, twist them back toward the middle and tie them together with a clear rubber band, incorporating the tail from the first pair.
  5. Repeat this process as many times as desired and finish with all of your hair incorporated into the last section.
  6. If you’d like to disguise the last rubber band, simply keep a small section of hair from underneath, near the nape of your neck, out of the ponytail before binding it in the rubber band.
  7. Then take that reserved section of hair, wrap it around the rubber band, and pin it with a bobby pin underneath the ponytail.
  8. Set the style with hair spray if you prefer.

Twisted Updo

nicki brock in chattanooga with twisted updo hairstyle
Nicki Brock, Lookout Mountain | Styled by Faith

For something that looks like you spent all morning at the salon, give this twisted updo a try!

  1. Divide your hair in half along your natural part.
  2. Start with the less voluminous side of your part.
  3. Divide that section in two, and twist the pieces around each other. Secure with a small rubber band. Repeat with the other section.
  4. Loosely swoop the heavier section around the back of your head, at the bottom of your crown.
  5. Pin the end in place on the opposite side of your head from where the section began.
  6. Now, swoop the smaller twisted section underneath the first one. Pin in place.
  7. Gently tug some pieces loose to fill out the style and disguise any mistakes. Insert a few extra bobby pins to hold each draped piece securely, and if desired, spray for extra hold.

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