Andrea Rice’s Honey Balsamic Roasted Squash Salad Recipe

Squash is a star when it comes to seasonal flavor and essential nutrients.

With delicious winter varieties in festive golds and greens, squash is abundant in vitamins A, B-6, and C, as well as potassium, fiber, and heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids.

Andrea Rice's Honey Balsamic Roasted Squash Salad

Recipe by Andrea Rice
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Course: SaladCuisine: American




    • 8 cups

      thin-skinned squash, sliced in half moons (Candy Roaster, delicata, or kabocha squash work well)

    • 2 Tbsp.

      avocado oil 

    • 2 tsp.

      ground cumin

    • tsp.

      kosher salt, divided

    • ½ tsp.

      cracked black pepper

    • 2 Tbsp.

      fermented garlic honey OR 2 Tbsp. regular honey + 2 garlic cloves, sliced

    • 4 Tbsp.

      balsamic vinegar, divided

    • 8 cups

      lacinato kale, coarsely shredded

    • 2 Tbsp.

      olive oil

    • 1 cup

      cooked bulgur wheat or other grain (couscous, barley, or wheat berries also work well) 

    • ¼ cup

      dried bing cherries, unsweetened

    • ¼ cup

      roasted pepitas

    • 1/3 cup

      crumbled goat cheese


    • For the squash:
    • Toss the sliced squash with the avocado oil, cumin, 1 tsp. salt, and black pepper until the squash is well coated. 

    • Spread the squash evenly over two baking sheets. Roast at 425° for 20 minutes, rotating the pans halfway through. 

    • Combine the garlic honey with 2 tablespoons balsamic vinegar. After 20 minutes, toss the squash with half of the honey-balsamic mixture. Broil squash for 1 minute for extra caramelization.  

    • For the salad:
    • In a large bowl, massage the kale, olive oil, ½ tsp. salt, and 2 tablespoons of balsamic vinegar. 

    • Add the bulgur wheat, dried cherries, pepitas, and goat cheese to the bowl and toss to combine. Reserve some of the cherries, pepitas, and cheese for garnish.

    • To assemble:
    • Once the squash is done roasting, allow it to cool for 2-3 minutes. 

    • Coarsely cube one of the pans of roasted squash and toss with the salad. 

    • Spoon the salad over a big serving platter, top with the rest of the roasted squash, and garnish with an extra drizzle of honey and balsamic to taste.

      andrea rice

      “If you can, I highly recommend seeking out North Georgia Candy Roaster Squash for this recipe! It is a revived heirloom variety that is perfectly sweet and earthy. It serves as a great contrast to the tang from the honey balsamic dressing, dried cherries, and crumbled goat cheese.”

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