4 Myths about Lice

It’s an itchy topic, but with kids in school, lice can be a problem. Here, we dispel four common lice myths.

Lice are very contagious. It takes head-to-head contact for lice to spread, and they can only live on an object – like a comb, hat, or pillow – for about 24 hours.

Lice are resistant to available treatments. There are several over-the-counter medications and prescription treatments that have proven to work well. Cetaphil is a popular treatment (leave on head overnight, shampoo and comb in the morning).

You have to wash everything. In a recent study, lice were found on only 4% of the pillowcases of people infested. It doesn’t hurt to wash bedding and hats, but it’s not necessary to scrub the entire house.

Lice = bad hygiene. Lice don’t harm you, and they aren’t a sign that a child is “dirty.” Simply treat them and be done.