Get the Glow

healthy happy woman with sun on her face

Your Guide to a Naturally Radiant Complexion Never let dull, tired skin get in the way of making an amazing impression or feeling your most confident! By following just a few simple steps in your regular skin care routine, you can harness the beauty of a naturally glowing complexion. Know Your Needs An important first […]

Dry Brushing 101

woman with smooth, shaved leg drybrushing

This age-old practice is a lesser known healthy beauty hack that lets you improve your internal health and outward appearance simultaneously. It is especially beneficial during the cold months of winter, when your skin is more susceptible to drying out, and pores tend to get clogged under longer layers of clothing. Here’s what you need […]

5 Types of Body Scrubs

Body scrubs

Who doesn’t love a good scrub? A body scrub is an indulgence that works wonders for your skin by improving circulation and clearing away dead cells through exfoliation to promote cellular regeneration. Whether choosing one off a spa menu or picking from the shelf, the key to harnessing a scrub’s most beneficial effects is choosing […]

Sensitive Skin

common irritants for sensitive skin

How to Identify It and Its Most Common Irritants According to a poll from the U.S. National Library of Medicine (NLM) and the National Institutes of Health (NIH), nearly half of the U.S. population identifies as suffering from sensitive skin. Read on for tips on symptom identification and some of the most common irritants to […]

Adult Acne

adult acne

Causes and Prevention of Adult Acne Surviving the adolescent acne phase doesn’t guarantee clear skin in adulthood. In fact, many adults can be experiencing acne for the first time. If an unpredictable complexion has you frustrated, check out these explanations and recommendations to banish blemishes! What Causes Acne? Acne can be caused or worsened by […]

Sunless Savvy

golden lotion bottle

A Guide to At-Home Sunless Tanners Applying an at-home sunless tanner can yield amazing results and keep you out of harmful UV rays. But orange, streaky horror stories can cause hesitation. As you start baring more skin this spring, check out these tips and tricks for applying a flawless façade. Be Picky Prior to making […]

Winterize Your Skin

overnight mask

Staying Moisturized and Flake-Free When it comes to winter wreaking havoc on your skin, sometimes it’s a perfect storm. Skin-drying soaps, steamy showers, and the shock of frigid outdoors to balmy indoors makes skin parched and pallid. With winter upon us, follow these foolproof tips to stay flake-free and keep your skin moisturized and luminous. […]

Say Goodbye to Scars

three graphic illustrations of a gash, knee pad, and bandages

Scrapes and cuts can happen, but they don’t have to leave an everlasting effect. Here’s how the pros recommend properly healing wounds and reducing scar appearance.

Healthy & Homemade Beauty Products

herbal hand sanitizer

Beauty Products You Can Whip Up at Home Here’s some tips for at-home beauty products. Avocado Hair Mask If your strands have been feeling parched, try this concoction. Mash up an avocado (half if your hair is short or thin), and add in a few drops of your favorite scented essential oil. Apply to wet […]

Caring for Aging Skin

smiling woman applying sunscreen on right shoulder

Want to know how to have vibrant, healthy skin for life? Dermatologists say there are a few keys. #1. Schedule an annual skin exam. Even if you’ve been vigilant about protecting your skin since the time you were a kid, it’s still important to see a physician every year for a professional skin exam. Dermatologists […]

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